May 20, 2011

Geste – The Eating Concrete Remix Contest Results

Here we go with the results from the remix contest for Geste’s track “Eating Concrete”.

First of all, thanks to everybody taking part in the contest and sending in their versions. We decided to post 8 remixes on the Equinox soundcloud account of which we thought they were exciting and had a unique sound.

We couldn’t really decide who should win the contest and so we thought that it should be a double first place between the Russian producer team Demokracy (feat. Didjelirium) and the French producers Turn Steak. Congratulations to both of you!!

The Demokracy team really surprised us with the dope vocal additions by Didjelirium. A sensitive approach we all fell in love with, not only remixing but also extending the original track’s atmosphere. “Eating concrete is the sole remedy for those suffering from a deadly allergy to softness “. Damn sure:

Geste – Eating Concrete (Demokracy & didjelirium Re-Think) – 1st Place #1 by Equinox Records

We also loved the Turnsteak remix because of the nice sounds and overall fatness. Smashing the dancefloor, with a unique smart-ass attitude. Nasty & Clever:

Geste – Eating Concrete (TuRnStEaK Remix) – 1st Place #2 by Equinox Records

We are sure both winner tracks could be DJ favourites… As for the price, an official release on Equinox Records, we are not sure yet how it will look like but we will definitely keep you in the loop! Maybe we will even do a very limited vinyl release for this! We’ll see!

Then, we also decided for a double 2nd place between dupstep producer Audhentik from Germany and the Stalk / Signal2 team from France. We hope you will be on the official (digital) release as well! Audhentik’s remix was the most aggressive dubstep remix we received. So much anger it’s gonna nail you down to the ground. Signal2′s version was straight in your face. Awesome binary approach & clubbing vibes. Thumbs up! Here are all remixes together:

Geste – The “Eating Concrete” REMIX CONTEST WINNERS by Equinox Records

So yeah. That’s it for now! Thanks again to everybody being part of this!

Link to the original release:

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