Aug 3, 2011

Hello Cruel World Reviews

Hello Cruel World“, the new album by Sole And The Skyrider Band, has been getting lots of great reviews all over the planet. Potholes in My Blog called it one of Sole‘s “finest records in his career” and UK’s The Skinny gave it 4 of 5 stars saying that the album is “executed with authoritative coherence and grace.

Here are the full articles:

Also check some more quotes of the album:

“Sole and the skyrider band prepare “mammoth of an album””
XLR8R Magazine

“Sole finds new life in Cruel World”

“Hello Cruel World is executed with authoritative coherence and grace.”
The Skinny / 4 of 5

“Sole is making a concerted effort to tailor his sound to the audience a bit more, and it’s a brilliant concession. Love him or hate him he’s at the root of indie hip hop.”
Mishka Bloglin

“Sole has reinvented his style while nonetheless retaining all of the best elements of his prior albums”

“This is a rough, tough, and very good record that relies on the talent and diversity of its members to carry it through and carry it through it does…to the Promised Land.”
First Coast News

The Silver Tongue

“It’s been awhile since anyone associated even formerly with anticon has sounded this raw doing straight hip-hop music, but with his backing band coming into their own and a host of excellent collaborators, Sole has been energized into making one of the finest records of his career.”
Potholes In My Blog / 4 of 5

“A bracing listen throughout, Hello Cruel World is dense with vibrant ideas, poetry and wisdom.”

“Ein überdurchschnittliches Album, auf dessem außergewöhnlichen Mix jeder seine eigenen Highlights vorfinden wird.” / 4 of 5

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