Oct 8, 2011

DJ Unkut Interview – DMC Online World Champion 2011

Aside from usually just posting news on the Equinox website, here is an interview with DJ Unkut, the current DMC Online World DJ Champion. Text and Interview by Equinox founder DJ Scientist:

Being an ambitious turntablist myself back in the late 90s, becoming the DMC World Champion has been the ultimate goal of every DJ in the world. Before the “internet age” my friends and I watched DMC videos a thousand times to learn new tricks and were inspired by DJs from all over the world.
Now in 2011, after David Fascher, Pro Zeiko and Rafik, DJ Unkut from Wuppertal is the forth German DJ that has reached this goal and became this year’s DMC Online World Champion a few weeks ago. Even for “just” being an online competition this year, this is still a BIG thing and Unkut was invited to perform at the DMC World DJ Championship Festival in London this weekend. Unfortunately, due to heatlth problems he couldn’t attend the event and possibly add another title (Congratulations to DJ Vajra for winning though).

Quite interesting, for those who read this on the Equinox page, DJ Unkut has used a track from the Equinox Records catalogue to reach his goal. His incredible 2 minute Godzilla Porn Routine, which uses the Mochipet Remix of Kraddy’s “Android Porn”, paved his way to the final round in which the track was used again. This, of course, makes us at Equinox quite a bit proud.

Here are a few short questions to DJ Unkut:

- How does it feel to be the new DMC Online World Champion? This must be a dream coming true.

Unkut: Well, its a pretty cool reward for all the hard work I’d say. I like the format of this competition, it’s a bit more “stress free” and now that it is allowed to use DVS + FX, it was pretty motivating and challenging for me to compete. I’m proud to be the first DMC Online World Champ ever + I got voted 1st place by every single judge. It couldn’t have been any better : )

- How did you come across using the “Android Porn” Mochipet remix for your Routine?

Unkut: Actually, I was just listening and downloading some music, until I stumbled across Mochipet’s Remix of Android porn. I heard it and directly knew, I had to do a routine with it. I worked out the first patterns with the original song, but got stuck at a point. So, I just wrote David (aka Mochipet) a message if it would be possible to get audio stems from the song, hoping he’d even read my mail. A few days later, I had everything I needed to finish the routine. Thx again Mochi, you’re the man : )

What kind of music does inspire you mostly these days?

Unkut: To be honest, these days im making music all day long and don’t even have time to listen to a lot of other music. But in general, it’s everything from Hip Hop to Nu Jazz, Glitch Hop, Electro, Classic, Alternative and some Dubstep.

- What have you prepared for the World Championship Festival? Who are the other competitors?

Unkut: Unfortunately, I won’t be able to compete at the event, due to health problems. During the time the online final went down, I spend too much time in hospital and couldn’t practice the way I would have needed to.
Had to recover first. I might be back : )

If you missed DJ Unkut’s amazing skills, here are the links to the routines:

DJ Unkut – Godzilla Porn Routine – DMC Online Worldchampionship 1st Round Entry:

DJ Unkut – 6 Min. Routine- DMC Online Worldfinal 2011:

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