Mar 31, 2012

Deckard – “Günesim” feat. Deniz Cagli – Digital Release Out Now!

Yes, It’s Out: Deckard’s amazing single, “Günesim (feat. Deniz Cagli)“, has been released digitally yesterday!

This single – taken from the album “For A Better Tomorrow“ – features 2 new remixes, one by Anthony Drawn, one Germany’s biggest newcomer talents, and one Alternative Remix by Deckard himself, plus the instrumental versions and the Acapella version of Deniz Cagli’s beautiful singing.

Furthermore, there is also a great new exclusive tune, entitled “Near Dawn”.

Deckard – Günesim (feat. Deniz Cagli) by Equinox Records

This new release will also come out on a Limited Edition 7” Vinyl next week which will include Anthony Drawn’s Remix alongside with the Original Version and also include a download card for the complete Digital Version.

Both, vinyl and digital versions as well as the video for the original version of “Günesim” that is already turning heads on Youtube and, should give this amazing track a new push and the publicity that it deserves.

Shop links for both, Digital and Vinyl Versions follow… and remember, to support the independent market do support independent stores like junodownload or similar.

Of course, the best way to support our artist and label is to buy directly via the Equinox Online Store.

Shop Links for Digital Release:

Juno Download
Equinox Online Store

Buy the limited edition Vinyl Release:

Equinox Records Online Store

Release Info Page:

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