Apr 30, 2012

Random News #3 (April 2012)

Here we are with our new issue of Random News for April 2012!

Lot’s been going on and we are all working brutally hard to get the best out of it, so we’ll be swift and on point! (Ok, consider this “brutally” part as a joke – we’re actually enjoying this!)

Let’s begin with some news for 2econd Class Citizen since there’s a lot going on due to the release of his outstanding “Outside Your Doorway EP” and the long-anticipated full length “The Small Minority” which will drop next month (!)…


Outside Your Doorway EP news

About a week ago, we announced the release of the digital version for 2CC‘s new EP entitled “Outside Your Doorway” and we’re already getting some amazing feedback.

Here’s a small portion of what’s been said:

Trippin’ The Rift

Data Transmission

Also note that “Outside Your Doorway” is now available on Last FM

Aside from that we have gained some really positive feedback from a bunch of like minded artists that really enjoyed the new album:

“Really lovely moments on here. Nice…”
Fink (Ninja Tune)

“Your Album sounds great, congratulations! I definitely want to check out your record collection as you obviously had some crazy stuff!”
DJ Format

“okay man, I gotta tell you: your album is fucking BEAUTIFUL. I’m in love with it already. So lush! I’m about 2/3 in but I just thought I’d ‘live text’ it! Incredible work brother.“
Buddy Peace

“I’m loving your album so much, the layers and subtleties in it are amazing. The pace is generally slow and the mood melancholy but it never feels morose or depressing, there’s a kind of beautiful sadness to it, and such gorgeous acoustic samples.”
DJ Food (Ninja Tune)

“Great work! Proper chilly out sample loveliness!”
Olli Teeba (Herbaliser, Ninja Tune)

Last (but not least), the main track of the EP is also featured on “Tape of The Month: April 2012” on “Παλιοτράκτερα” (ok, this may seem Greek to you but still on point)


Additional 2econd Class Citizen news…

In the past Random News issue (#2 March 2012) we mentioned DJ Food’s new album “The Search Engine” in which 2CC is featured… Well, here’s an astonishing new single from this album, entitled “The Illectrik Hoax” which also features a remix by 2econd Class Citizen.

Find out more about it here:


Switching to DJ Scientist

First, we’d like to share an amazing remix that DJ Scientist did back in 2003 for the track It Ain’t Nothing Like by The Pharcyde.  This remix also reveals the – unknown to most – funky side of the Equinox Records’ founder!

Listen, download and share.

Continuing, here is a really nice review on DEAD Magazine for the rare (even digitally) “The Artless Cuckoo EP

For those who missed it, this was released in February as an ultra-limited vinyl and also limited-time digital release, as an announcement for DJ Scientist’s upcoming full length instrumental album.  So be on the lookout!

Here’s the official “Artless Cuckoo” release page: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx034/


David Vangel news

Here is a very nice feature of our artist David Vangel from Canada on Restorm.

Also, if you haven’t heard yet, Vangel’s website has been recently updated and also includes an e-shop (!)

Visit here: http://www.vangelmusic.com


Random Seed

Just a few days ago, we launched the brand new episode of our podcast series, Random Seed.

Read more about, listen and/or download this episode, here:


Equinox Records

And now, for closure, we’d like to share this nice commercial video about Rhone Runner which features Geste’s “Eating Concrete” (Signal² Remix) from the “Re-Think Concrete” release!

Even the fiercest music on our label fits nicely to any kind of commercial! :) …  So, if you would like to licence/use music from our catalogue, just get in touch with us.

We’d like to thank you for reading this (quite bigger than expected) issue and, as always, if we’ve missed anything, please send it in and we’ll include it on our next issue.

Till then…

the Equinox Records team.

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