May 25, 2012

2econd Class Citizen – The Small Minority – Out Now!

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the long-awaited second full-length by 2econd Class Citizen, entitled “The Small Minority”.

This may be one of our proudest moments this year and we truely believe this album is 2econd Class Citizen at his very best. A brilliant follow up to his “A World Without” debut almost 3 years ago.

We’re sure that many of you have already listened to the EP, checked out the great video by Simon Walter or downloaded the free DJ Food Megamix on Bandcamp. Some of you that have pre-ordered the album in our online shop or at (check the limited bundle!) may already hold the album in their hands.

To those that haven’t done anything of the above: check this album out! We are sure, you’ll like what you hear. The feedback so far has been quite overwhelming and we picked a few quotes that you can read below. We would appreciate your support in buying a vinyl copy, the nice digipak CD or a download. Please also help us to spread the word!

Last but not least we want to thank everybody again who was involved in the creation of this album as well as the EP and Postcard Vinyl release: guest musicians, artwork, mixing and mastering, video art, promotion – more than 20 people helped to make this album reality! Thanks!

For more info, please visit the official release page here:

And also, read about (and watch) the first video of this album, entitled “Change (What We’re Creating)”, directed by Simon Walter:–-change-what-we’re-creating-official-video/

Tracklist and Previews

(01) And Now, Nothing (02) On My Mind (03) Outside Your Doorway (04) Stop To Wonder (05) Change (What We’re Creating) (06) Inside The Cocoon (07) Memory Page (08) Liberated Lady (09) No Destination (10) Sail Eternal (11) Metamorphosis (12) Fragments of a Dream (13) Stay With Me (14) Beyond The Sun

Release formats: 2LP / CD / Digital

Selected quotes from the press, colleagues, artists and friends around the globe. Here we go:

POPCULTUREZ: “Impressively catchy album”

HIGHFIDELITYSTORIES “One of the best albums of the year already!”

COLLAPSEBOARD.COM “It’s certainly the finest album of its type I’ve heard since Amon Tobin’s ISAM.”

UNDERSONG.UK: “Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of the album. From the gentle, enchanting welcome of ‘And Now, Nothing’ to the uptempo, Latin-inspired rhythms of ‘Liberated Lady’, this album is a peaceful yet powerful watercolour of perfection.” 9/10

“Really lovely moments on here. Nice…”
Fink (Ninja Tune)

“Your Album sounds great, congratulations! I definitely want to check out your record collection as you obviously had some crazy stuff!”
DJ Format

“Great work! Proper chilly out sample loveliness!”
Olli Teeba (Herbaliser, Ninja Tune)

“Okay man, I gotta tell you: your album is fucking BEAUTIFUL. I’m in love with it already. So lush! I’m about 2/3 in but I just thought I’d ‘live text’ it! Incredible work brother.“
Buddy Peace

“I’m loving your album so much, the layers and subtleties in it are amazing. The pace is generally slow and the mood melancholy but it never feels morose or depressing, there’s a kind of beautiful sadness to it, and such gorgeous acoustic samples.”
DJ Food (Ninja Tune)

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