Nov 7, 2012

DJ Scientist – For Better, For Worse – Vinyl Out Now

Since last week friday, DJ Scientist‘s debut solo album, “For Better, For Worse” is finally out on vinyl!

A special thanks goes out to anyone that has pre-ordered. Those that did pre-order the bundle version with the 7inch (of which exactly 102 hand numbered vinyl copies exist) will be awarded by receiving the ultra limited embossed edition. Only the first 52 copies of the bundle came with the embossed cover that you can see on the images below (those were the numbers 001 to 050 as well as the numberes 101 and 102 to be exact). All other copies are without the embossing but still look incredibly nice. Just check the pictures and let them speak for themselves:

The 7inch features a really weird but great psych rock track by Julius The Bearded Saviour (the ficticious character that Ceschi is talking about on “The One Man Band Broke Up“), produced by The Raincoatman (a.k.a. DJ Scientist). The track was originally called “A Prayer For Princess Pussylips” but was changed to “The Artless Prayer“, a reference to DJ Scientist‘s EP “The Artless Cuckoo” on which a different and instrumental version of the track can be found under the name “Coated Suits & Marshmallows“.

The release additionally includes a 3-page letter to Julius The Bearded Saviour‘s son.

Look for the shoplinks at the end of this post as well as the audio previews on our embedded soundcloud player below.


A few words about the album…

For Better, For Worse” is the debut album by DJ Scientist, the founder and head of the Equinox Records label. The music on the album was produced between 2001 and 2006 and offers a unique, fully-sample based instrumental body of work that, even 6 years after its originally scheduled release date, has the power to spellbind and steer the listener into the widespread musical world of one of Germany’s most passionate record collectors and artist.



All the tracks on the album show the musical power that resides in the “instrumental hip hop” genre, for lack of a better word. Despite the time it took to make and release, or perhaps precisely because of it, the album defines Scientist’s talent and knowledge as a sample-based musician.

For complete info, please visit the official release page:


Regular version (Vinyl Album)
Bundled version (Vinyl Album + 7″)

Equinox Online Store
Kudos Records UK


Equinox Online Shop
Juno Download
Soul Seduction


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