Nov 25, 2012

Equinox 10 Year Anniversary – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3 (eqx-050)

It’s finally time to reveal our plans for our big 10 Year Anniversary Project: A Sound Exposure Vol. 3. The 3rd part of our Sound Exposure series will also be the 50th release our label, a big album with exciting artists and guests which will be dropped in February / March 2013.

However, first of all, we want to share some short info about our label (an extensive history write up will probably be released alongside the album):
The idea of forming a label may date back to 2001 whereas plans for it got more specific in 2002. From the beginning on, it was sure that there would be a more Electronic division as well as a Hip-Hop division. The name “Audiac Records” for the Hip-Hop sublabel was chosen a bit earlier, whereas the name “Equinox” was fixed somewhere in spring 2002. On June 23th, 2002, the domain name “” was finally registered  – which probably can be called the birthday of the label (hurray!).
However, as the unique look of the label was not developed yet, more artists still had to be found, etc., preparations for the official publication of the Equinox label took until early to mid 2003. Therefore, it kind of fits that our 10 year anniversary will be celebrated from late 2012 to early 2013. Starting on December 1st, we will release some interesting early artwork concepts, background informations and other exciting material via our facebook page ( each day until we will reveal more info about the release itself.

Equinox scribblings from The Raincoatman’s sketchbook (early 2003)

We have planned to do a 3xLP (or even 4xLP) album that will additionally include a flexi disc. The album should include maybe up to 50 songs (not sure yet if this will be possible due to length) by artists from our roster such as 2econd Class Citizen, David Vangel, Ceschi, DJ Scientist, Andreikelos, Playpad Circus, Godblesscomputers, J. Baracuz and further artists and friends such as Dday One, Anthony Drawn, 813 from Russia, and many others that we have been cooperating with over the years. The album will also be accompanied by 2 special preview EPs and other gimmicks.This will most likely be the biggest project on our label so far and we hope you are as excited about it as we are.

Additionally, and most importantly to some of you out there, we are giving the opportunity to new producers to be part of that compilation!

So, if you are a beat maker, musician or band please turn in your demos! We accept demos of a maximum of 3 songs for this project. All you have to do is send an email to with a link to a zip or a private soundcloud stream.
IMPORTANT: please do NOT send mp3s as attachments. Furthermore, it is very important that the track is unreleased and will be exclusive for our project. The deadline is December 16th – so you better hurry up! As for the musical direction: we are mainly looking for instrumental music for this release! Rap songs or singing should be the exception. Though, if you think your music could fit, don’t hesitate to send it and we will give it a listen.

Best regards,
the Equinox Records Team

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