Dec 4, 2012

Random News #8 (Oct-Nov 2012)

Greetings to all “Random News” readers! Creativity is bursting lately and we have been so busy we even had to skip the last issue… but we are back on track now with a rather long 2-month list of “random” news to make up!

Here we go…


First, we’d like to start with DJ Scientist who has been getting quite a lot of attention lately, due to the release of his debut album “For Better, For Worse” as well as his single “Raincoatman”.

Right bellow, we made a selection of reviews, quotes and statements by the press and fellow artists around the globe, but, before we do this, be sure to check
DJ Scientist
’s extensive 3-page interview on Star Wax Magazine France
which you can download for free here:

And here’s the selection of quotes and reviews (linked):


For Better, For Worse” Reviews

De–Bug Magazine (Germany) (“The most dense album this month in terms of atmosphere.”)
Extensive album review at Local Heroes Radio (Germany)
Review and Album Of The Month at trip hop net

More reviews from:

Dmute Mag
Backspin Magazine (with an astonishing 5 out of 5!)
Clashmagazine UK (Quote: “an instrumental LP of a stately, imperial vibe”)

…and some quotes

HHV-Mag Germany:
„Eine große Verbeugung vor dem Hip Hop.“

La Mixletter France:
“Take the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, this multi-talented artist”

Raincoatman” Reviews & Quotes”… (4 of 5) (States it’s a: “Must have!”)
Der Digitale Flaneur
Drugoy Hip-Hop
Beattapeco-Op Blog
Support Your Local Ghetto


Last but not least, read what’s been said by some inspirational fellow artists…

DJ Food (Ninja Tune): “(I’ve) been giving it a good few listens here and favourites are ‘The Death of Hip-Hop’, ‘Raincoatman’ and ‘Anything About Nothing’. Nice work – there’s plenty of layers to unravel.”

Buddy Peace (Strange Famous): “Equinox has managed once again to rearrange and manipulate what we know as instrumental hip hop and drag it into line while marching it directly into the sunlight. DJ Scientist has created an album that amplifies moods, finesses instrumentation and somehow achieves subtlety while being utterly banging. A rare treat for the forward thinking beat-head.”

DJ Format: “Great moody soundscapes and raw heavy drums are the perfect formula from this Scientist!”

Sneaky (Fingathing): “One for the Headphones! Refreshing to hear such an organic flow in the current digital fever.”

Dday One (Content Label / Project: Mooncircle): “In this age of mass communication it’s definitely “for Better” DJ Scientist is releasing this project to the world. It would only be “For Worse” if this timeless collection remanded hidden.”


Finally, as you may know, „For Better, For Worse“ is part 2 (out of 2) of the Unheard and Recovered Series which means that the series is now complete. If you missed part 1, then you’ve missed a great release by our artist, Deckard, entitled “Echoes From The Past”.

You can read more about this release here:
and you can buy the vinyl release directly from our online store:


Next up, we have a nice review for the 6 Years Later EP by Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. as it was published on DEAD magazine:

Nice review on Backspin Media about “The Small Minority” by 2econd Class Citizen. Late some may say, but you guys know what they say, right?
Here’s the link:

Staying with 2econd Class Citizen, here’s something you should definitely spend an hour listening to, with your screen (and eyes) shut, and your ears wide open… Solid Steel / Platinum Set:
Just sit back and enjoy! …

To stay up to date with 2CC, make sure you visit his homepage:


Make sure you don’t miss this absolutely great guest mix by David Vangel, entitled “Count Numberella” on Rhythm Incursions. A brilliant selection of tracks that are all somehow related to numbers.
Here’s the link for this jewel:

Staying with Rhythm Incursions, be sure you also check out DDay One’s 16th episode of the “In Session” series for Rhythm Incursions which features DJ Scientist’s World Of Stone:

Further into the mix, here are two links for two episodes of DJ Explizit’s “Ego Trippin Radio Show” in which Equinox Records tracks are also featured:


As we continue to torture you with this Marathon-like issue,  we meet up with Kraddy’s head-banging “Android Porn” video once more, as it’s nominated for another festival! Read more about this, here:

Finally (Is there someone partying behind a screen right now?) … As we began this issue with an interview, we’d also like to close it with another one, this time by our artist Andreikelos who has provided an extensive interview in Greek language (but hey, worth going to for a translation) on


Ok, that’s all for this month’s “Random News”.
If you missed the past issue(s), they can all be found here:
and also remember to check our news page on a regular basis ’cause a lot is going to happen soon!

And this is the point where we’d like to thank you for reading this issue (and congratulate you for having the patience and courage to read this throughout – you people must be heroes) and, as always, if we’ve missed anything, please send it in and we’ll include it on our next issue.

the Equinox Records team.


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