Jan 23, 2013

Equinox 2012 Highlights & 50th Release Update

2012 has probably been our busiest and most succcessful year in our label history. We have added some great albums, EPs and singles to our catalogue and we want to thank all fans for the support. Especially those that are still buying vinyl releases, which is still our main focus.

2012 started with DJ Scientist’s very limited “The Artless Cuckoo EP” (eqx-034) as well as 2econd Class Citizen’s “Perception / Identity” postcard set (eqx-035). Following the official video of Deckard’s “Günesim” we also released the second part of the Black On Black Vinyl Series, a limited 7inch  of the song with new remixes by Anthony Drawn and Deckard himself (eqx-036).
More info about these releases here: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/

Then, in April, we were heading straight forward with our biggest project this year: the release of 2econd Class Citizen’s long awaited second full length: “The Small Minority” (eqx-038). The album was first introduced by a really cool single entitled “Outside Your Doorway EP” (eqx-037) that featured remixes by Dday One and Buddy Peace and had a lot more exclusive music on it. The album then followed in late may – a masterful project with astonishing music and great artwork.
More info: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx038/

Another highlight followed with Andreikelos’ debut EP on Equinox, the third part of the Black On Black Vinyl Series, “Euryphaessa” (eqx-039). Although being a very limited underground project the reactions to this release were quite overwhelming – a really outstanding piece of electronic music.
More info: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx039/

Staying busy throughout the summer months, Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. delivered heat with the follow up to their Audiac release “Leinwand” in form of the “6 Years Later EP” (eqx-040). The 10inch single featured 6 beat-heavy songs, including a phenomenal rap track with Ceschi, 2Mex and James P Honey.
More info: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx040/

In October we also announced a remix contest for that Hip-Hop track, which resulted in massive double digital release which was given away for free as a new years present and is still available right here in two separate parts:

Another album followed in September by Deckard. “Echoes From The Past” (eqx-041) contained  unreleased material that was produced during the years 2000 to 2005. The 9 track release became part one of the “Unheard & Uncovered” project whereas the first 50 copies of the vinyl album additionally came with another bonus album by Deckard with some of this earliest works. The deluxe package was exclusively available through the Equinox Online Store. Some of the last copies can still be bought here:

Then we were heading towards “For Better, For Worse” (eqx-042) by label owner DJ Scientist, the second biggest project on our label in 2012. The digital advance single of the classic tune “Raincoatman”, which came along with a great new remix by Andreikelos was well received and so was the album. Almost being sold out just 3 months later, Scientist’s masterpiece, that was original scheduled to be released in 2006, finally had its well deserved late release. The first copies of the album came with a super limited 7inch single (eqx-043) which featured an unreleased track by Julius The Bearded Saviour (aka Ceschi), produced by The Raincoatman (aka DJ Scientist).
More info: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx042/

Another release that deserved more attention was J. Baracuz’ “A Contemporary Witness EP” (reissued as eqx-044) which was originally released in late 2011 on Equinox.Digital. Therefore, we decided to release it as a nice vinyl re-issue as the forth and final part of the Black On Black Vinyl Series with brand new remixes by Skyence and Damscray. The remix release can still be downloaded for free:

Here is more info about the limited vinyl release: http://www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx044/

Finally, the year ended with two very nice EPs by the Finest Ego Beat Championship winner Playpad Circus (eqx-045) and our newest signing Godblesscomputers (eqx-046). More info about these cool and more futuric projects can be found here:

So what’s to come in 2013?

First of all we want to put all our focus on our 10 Year Anniversary / 50th Release project that will be a big compilation project, the third part of our Sound Exposure series, which will soon be announced officially. We promise that this album will be super exciting and will be a must have release. Although this was announced earlier as 4xLP with 50 tracks, we have now put together a more compressed and absolutely delicate assemblage of 21 outstanding songs by the likes of Godblesscomputers, Andreikelos, 2econd Class Citizen, Skyence, Fulgeance, Kopfklang, Dday One, Glen Porter, Gone Beyond, Witch’s Teat & Haunted Days, David Vangel, 813, Misanthrop, Anthony Drawn, and more…
The compilation will come along with some ultra limited special advance releases such as a one (or maybe two) one sided, etched 12inches and 1 or 2 more exciting vinyl goodies that you don’t want to miss. Definitely stay tuned via our social media pages and our homepage.

A release party as well as a tour is in the works, too. And of course, there will be new exciting music from our artists in 2013. For example, rumour has it that there will be a new album by Ceschi and The Raincoatman (aka DJ Scientist)…

As far as our 10 Year Anniversary, which were are celebrating since december last year, you should also check some of the pictures that we have released via our Facebook page. You can see some never released photo material about artwork concepts, early events and designs.
Most pictures can be checked here:
Equinox 10 Year Anniversary Facebook Album

Here are some excerpts that shows an early promotional box from early 2004:

Thanks for reading! Let’s make 2013 another great year!
Equinox Records team.

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