May 6, 2013

Random News #10

Greetings and welcome to Random News #10.

We’ve “missed” a couple of issues due to a great overload of work, and yet, some things that should be included on this issue may have passed our notice, but this is only natural since we are currently working on the “Counter Future” project which is our biggest so far and consists of 2 12inch EPs, a 3LP full length album, a flexi disc release as well as some other stuff.

Speaking of Counter Future, let’s begin this issue with a short notice to inform all users that the Counter Future EP is now available there:


As you know, the Counter Future EP is also available on vinyl, split on two beautiful etched 12inch pressing, and is available in our shop. But that’s not the only nice item you can buy there. You should definitely check the beautiful vinyl postcards by 2econd class citizen and Glen Porter on the Postmanslove label which are now on stock:


Next, we’d like to switch to some news about our artist, Godblesscomputers, starting with a nice review on his newly released EP, “Freedom Is OK”, on HHV magazine:

Staying with Godblesscomputers, we’d like to share the news of his brand new remix release on Fresh Yo!, named “Lost in downtown (The Beastie Boys re-works)” and, as appears on the title, this release includes 7 amazing classics by the Beastie Boys as re-worked by Gbc.

This is set to a “name-your-price” deal which means you can get it for free if you type zero (0). Though, we highly recommend that you support the artist and label.
You can listen and/or get it, here:

Finally, Indaba music has launched a remix contest in which Godblesscomputers remixes Sweatson Klank‘s “I Shouldn’t Be Here (Feat. Ango)“. Listen to this nice tune, here:


Moving on to the “Phantasma EP” by Playpad Circus which got a nice extensive review on Popshot. Read the review (German only) here:


Now, before we close this issue with some news about our label, we would like to share information about DJ Food’s amazing “The Search Engine” which is finally available on a beautiful 4LP (gatefold cover). You can read more about the release –which features Equinox artist 2econd Class Citizen – on the official release page, here:


To close this issue, we’d like to share a very nice feature* that Der Brutkasten did about Equinox Records. Read this, here:
*This is written in German, but we tried it out and it works (almost) perfect with Google’s translator.
To view this in DE to EN translation mode, cclick HERE


So… That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and if we’ve missed anything that should have been included, please send it in and we’ll include it on our next issue.

the Equinox Records team.

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