Jul 10, 2013

Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3 – Vinyl Release Out Now!

Finally, the vinyl version of the “Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3” is available. The multifold cover looks really awesome and we are very happy with the look, feel and sound of the album! We think this is one of our strongest releases and we hope that you will like it!
The triple vinyl release features 2econd Class Citizen, Andreikelos, Anthony Drawn, Bit-Tuner, Bombers of Consciousness, David Vangel, Dday One, Deckard, Fulgeance, Geste, Glen Porter, Godblesscomputers, Gone Beyond, Graciellita, Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat, J. Baracuz, Kopfklang, Playpad Circus & Skyence, while the 21 Tracks were selected and compiled by DJ Scientist.

Please check the pictures and soundfiles of this release below.

For those of you who have pre-ordered the vinyl copy, we are happy to inform you that they are on their way! For those of you who haven’t yet ordered, here are some links on our online shop:

Equinox Online Shop
3LP + Flexi Disc Bundle
Regular 3LP Version
3LP + Flexi Disc Bundle
Regular 3LP Version

Of course, other shops like Vinyldigital, Optimal Records, Oye, and others will have the release available too, or will have it available shortly.


Counter Future Preview Mixes:



(01) Geste – Inhale (Spitting Concrete Intro)
(02) Godblesscomputers – Romania
(03) Andreikelos – Beautiful Mountain of Algos
(04) Skyence – Scars
(05) Playpad Circus – Megalomaniac
(06) Fulgeance – Cypher
(07) Anthony Drawn – Lighthouse (feat. Graciellita)
(08) 2econd Class Citizen – I That I Am
(09) Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat – Landing Strip
(10) Glen Porter – The Devil’s Chariot
(11) Geste – Exhale (Intermission)
(12) Gone Beyond – Kill Ya Sound
(13) Bit-Tuner – Getaway
(14) Kopfklang – Piet Mann 4
(15) Deckard – St. Ella
(16) 2econd Class Citizen – On Emptiness (Keys Re-Work)
(17) Dday One – Anechoic Chamber
(18) J. Baracuz – Before The Storm
(19) Andreikelos – Roots Go Deep (feat. Bombers of Consciousness)
(20) Kopfklang – Ave Mensch
(21) David Vangel – I Heard You Sing



Vinyl (Pre-Order):
Equinox Online Shop
3LP + Flexi Disc Bundle
Regular 3LP Version
3LP + Flexi Disc Bundle
Regular 3LP Version

[more to be announced soon]


Equinox Online Shop

Juno Download
Soul Seduction



Official Release Page:


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