Mar 28, 2014

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O God, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and give him the means, virtue and high degree, and deliver him a blessed place, which promised him that you will not miss the promised time, God Almighty, and between his proofs and the fabrication of his argument and his virtue and accept the rift in his nation and use his tongue Lord of the Worlds and Lord of the Great Throne God Oh Lord, We ask you to forgive me, to love me and to repent to me and to recover me from all the evil and confusion that comes from the earth and comes down from heaven. You are on everything. And bless the believers and believers, Muslims and Muslims living from them and the dead and God is pleased with his pure marriage mothers of the believers and God bless the owners of flags and the imams of the guidance and the lamps of the world and the followers and continued followers of charity to the Day of Judgment and praise to God the Lord of the Worlds..

Replica Hermes Reflections on the verse: (Do not Tnaha not grieve and you are aware if you are believers) [Al-Imran 139]………………………. Al-Saadi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “Do not be discouraged and weaken in your body “Sadness is in the hearts and weakness in the hearts, increase the calamity on you and help your enemy, but encourage your heart and patience and pay the grief and hard to fight your enemy.” [Tafseer al-Saadi p. 150] And the coup of hope and despair and courage and cowardice and uncertainty and therefore complained about, but sadness is the severity of regret Alba Gh extent of depression and refraction, and weakness and sadness are two of the same Tencan for disappointment and belief Alrze them to surrender and-statement, leaving the resistance). Replica Hermes

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divine right Al Sheba bless AlZ Prophet Muhammad better than prayers.
divine right Fatir bless the prophet Mohammed as a divine danger of the right of Surat Sunnah Pray to the Prophet Muhammad’s grandfather Hassan and Hussein.
divine right Saaffat bless our master Muhammad His miracles. Hermes Replica Belts

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Seventh Department of Maintenance
-Fnine Refrigeration

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