Apr 24, 2014

It’s the start of canada goose factory sale a major Jewish

Canada Goose Parka Israeli Consul General Discuss Importance of Peace Talks

Canada Goose online BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Palestinians have again declared this a day of rage in the territories. Israeli forces said to be on high alert again as the crisis Canada Goose Parka in the Middle East continues today. Now there are questions about what, if anything, can be done to reverse the current trend. If you seen the front canada goose clearance sale page of the “New York Times” today, quite clearly, these are the pictures, the Israeli soldier being thrown out of the police building yesterday and below that a Palestinian protesters with blood clearly on his hands being shown to the protesters below.

canada goose clearance sale These images, I am told, are also on the front pages of two major newspapers in Israel. Given these images, how is it that the current canada goose store climate can be either stopped canada goose uk shop or reversed?

Canada Goose sale ABINGTON: You know, I was in Jerusalem in 1996, when there was really serious violence and the same thing is happening now that happened then. Both sides buy canada goose jacket stop talking to each other, the Israeli and the Palestinian at the senior level, security cooperation has ceased. I think what needs to be done is to resume contacts and dialogue between canada goose coats the two sides.

canada goose coats HEMMER: Is now the time for this summit that’s canada goose uk outlet coming out of the Middle East today?

canadian goose jacket ABINGTON: I think that every day that goes by, makes a summit or some device like this even more urgent, because, as we see, you have a quiet day, but then you have a real tragedy, such as occurred yesterday, when these two Israeli soldiers were killed. That inflamed Israeli opinion that led to an Israeli reaction, uk canada goose and that in turn only inflames Palestinian opinion. So, you Canada Goose Coats On Sale have to break this cycle of violence and counterviolence. HEMMER: Is it harder for Ehud Barak to sell the idea of peace to the people of Israel, knowing your comments that we just heard and seeing all the violence that we had throughout the day here, yesterday, on CNN? How tough is that sell cheap canada goose uk knowing this is taking place?

buy canada goose jacket ABINGTON: It’s very, very hard. People canada goose coats on sale feel that on both sides I think it’s hard for the leaders of both sides. It’s almost like a mirror image. Each leader feels that they are the aggrieved party. The public in canada goose either party feels that the peace process has reached a dead end. I don’t think there is any alternative to the peace process.

canada goose deals Look at what the choices are. It’s either the kind of violence, recurrent violence, like we have seen over the past two weeks and in the past, or it’s the two sides trying to sit down and divide into two states and live side by side. To me, the choice is obvious. They have to go on the road of peace.

buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose outlet store uk HEMMER: It’s Friday. What do we expect over the weekend, sir?

cheap Canada Goose ABINGTON: Well, I think that tomorrow is the Jewish sabbath. It’s the start of canada goose factory sale a major Jewish holiday. I think that the Israeli military has certainly tried to calm the situation down. I understand that on the Palestinian’s side, their are efforts to calm the situation down. I think we saw the beginning of this last Wednesday. But yesterday’s unfortunate events merely, merely increased the tension.

HEMMER: Edward Abington, live from Washington.

Canada Goose Outlet Thank you, sir. I appreciate your time.

ABINGTON: Thank you very much.

DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: And for more perspective now on the crisis, we turn to ambassador Shmuel Sisso. He is the consul general of Israel in New York City.

Mr. Ambassador, good morning, thanks for joining us.

canada goose clearance AMB. SHMUEL SISSO, CONSUL GENERAL OF ISRAEL IN NEW YORK: Good morning.

canada goose coats on sale KAGAN: As we hear more word of the possible summit this weekend in Egypt, are you hopeful that the two sides plus other countries can get together?

SISSO: Of course, we all are hopeful that the violence will stop and we can go back to the negotiation table. But this is what we said from the beginning. There was no need for these riots and for all this violence and bloodshed to go on with the negotiations. and Egypt, Jordan and the United Nations, would Canada Goose online take part in this summit.

canada goose store Do you think that would help and that this is the level that this canada goose black friday sale has come to? you need outside forces to help the two sides sit down and talk?

SISSO: About talking, it’s really, it’s not that important who will be there beside the Palestinians and the Israelis. If any other forces who want to be constructive can join together and sit and calm down the situation, definitely, if it might help, so, we have no objection to it. But we have to remember that canada goose clearance the violence has to stop first.

canada goose black friday sale KAGAN: And speaking of that violence, I would imagine that it’s Canada Goose sale difficult for many in our American audience that https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com is watching you right now to understand how two people so passionate can go within days from the brink of Canada Goose Jackets war canadian goose jacket to sitting down to a table and sitting across from each other and talking peace.

canada goose SISSO: Yes, there is no alternative to sit and talk. And we have to remember, only a month ago, we were all hoping that these negotiations cheap Canada Goose are coming to end with an agreement. We sat here in Camp David. We discussed everything, Prime Minister Barak was ready to go canada goose uk black friday the extra mile towards the Palestinians. A lot of concessions were made. Negotiation teams sat buy canada goose jacket cheap here Canada Goose Online in Washington only two days before the riots Canada Goose Outlet started and we were all hopeful. And then, all of a sudden, someone had uk canada goose outlet decided to turn on the fire in the Middle East and incited the Palestinians to go out into the streets and riot.

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