Apr 30, 2014

So I’m saying, canada goose black friday sale ‘But you have to

Does Race Matter In ’08

Most voters say they won’t decide between Barack Obama and John McCain on the basis of race. But, in a question that is more cheap canada goose uk subtle than Canada Goose online the standard questions in a poll, can a decision be based on the racial experience of the voter?

Of the 13 voters interviewed by Morning Edition and All Things Considered, many said this election had them thinking about race in new ways.

canada goose coats on sale “I don’t know if Canada Goose Coats On Sale I can see another old white man as canada goose president,” says Cal Weary. He’s a black high school canada goose clearance sale drama teacher who voted Canada Goose Online for President Bush in buy canada goose jacket cheap the past two elections. He knows that his declaration might sound harsh.

“And that sounds very racist for me to say it that way, but it is about appearances, and it is about this country, everywhere else cheap Canada Goose being canada goose uk black friday looked as being the biggest lie,” Weary says. “You tell everyone in the world that we have the greatest opportunities here, you tell them anyone can start from shining shoes and be buy canada goose jacket in charge of a Fortune 500 company, but then you say to the rest of the world, you say, ‘You can have everything, but you can’t live in the big White House.’”

canadian goose jacket The discussion was difficult canada goose factory sale for some, who folded their arms, sighed nervously and at times were confrontational.

canada goose store “I don’t think Canada Goose sale there is a problem with a black man,” says Don Gettys, a retired police officer, who is white. “I personally don’t think Obama is the right one. He doesn’t have the experience.”

Margie Orr, canada goose uk shop a black receptionist, takes exception to Gettys’ view of Obama’s experience.

canada goose “My thing is, though, what would make you think Palin would be OK we know John McCain has medical problems, God forbid that this man is elected, and this white female, so what you’re saying is, though, the United States would rather see as long as they’re white they don’t care if she’s even a female, but as long as it’s a white person.”

Canada Goose online “No, I don’t think that’s the case,” Gettys responds. “She canada goose coats on sale has more executive experience than he does. He was a community organizer. Nobody’s ever told me what a community organizer is.”

Canada Goose Outlet Says Orr: “Then maybe that’s something then that you need to investigate.”

buy canada goose jacket Experiences With Race

buy canada goose jacket cheap But in order to understand how or if race affects voting decisions, it helps to learn more about these voters’ experiences with race.

Canada Goose sale “I can’t recall any privilege that I got because I was white,” Gettys says. “I mean, I went to city schools. But I don’t know of anything that I got because I was white that the black kids couldn’t have gotten the same thing.”

Margie Orr recalls that hers was the first black family canada goose store to move to their suburb. That was in 1963.

“We weren’t wanted there, canada goose coats of course, and the whites did everything they could to intimidate us to get us to move,” Orr says. “But my parents were staunch hearted people. We weren’t going to budge. So, of course, we stayed there. We endured it all: the break ins, the house being messed up, the whole nine yards, being called niggers.”

Canada Goose Jackets Orr dabs at her eyes when questioning why diversity has to be enforced.

“I mean, my parents taught me to love everybody. So I’m saying, canada goose black friday sale ‘But you have to be taught to love me?’” she says. “That’s hard to canada goose coats outlet understand.”

canada goose clearance Leah Moreland, a widow and former factory worker, says she grew up on a farm and was very sheltered.

canada goose deals “I really was totally unaware of prejudice,” Moreland says.

Moreland https://www.uscanadagooseoutletsale.com says she lived at the end of West 6 Market Street bus line.

“There was a black man who would ride the bus and come out to the end of the line with his shotgun on the bus that would go groundhog hunting,” Moreland says. “Dad would go out and Canada Goose Outlet say ‘How many orders do you have,’ because the people in the canada goose clearance black community here in York ate groundhog. In Canada Goose Parka fact, my mother cooked groundhog. And he would go out and hunt, but there was no prejudice in my home.”

Race And Decision Making

canada goose black friday sale The hosts asked the voters who they planned to back in November, and how their racial experience or identity factored into that decision.

Orr, who still carries the scars of integration, says she plans to vote for Obama. She says her vote is based on pride, but you get a sense of something else:

cheap Canada Goose “I’m a Democrat, and I’m going to vote for Obama, and one of the reasons is because he is black,” Orr says. “I think he is uk canada goose qualified and come on, let’s face facts. This man is going to be wiretapped up to his eyeballs. Come on people. You really think he is going to be put in office, and they are not going to keep canadian goose jacket an eye on him? Be for real.

Canada Goose Parka “They are going to watch this man like white on rice. He’s not going to be his own person per se. He is going to be screened to the max.. The white system. that’s who ‘they’ are, OK?”

canada goose clearance sale Jeff Lobach, a white attorney, says he is surprised by the intolerance he sees in York today.

“White people are almost invariably shocked when they hear some of the things that African Americans have to put up with,” Lobach says. uk canada goose outlet “It cuts across economic groups, too. African American professionals in this town are treated differently. These are highly paid folks who are part of the ‘haves’ right now. We have had incidents where white lawyers won’t shake the hand of a black canada goose uk outlet lawyer.”

But he Canada Goose Jackets also says he senses that change is in the air. Racial attitudes are shifting, including his own.

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