Jun 17, 2014

Well it turns out I do have 20/20 vision and good peripheral

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cheap Canada Goose For sure. Music has never been in such canadian goose jacket canadagooseonline a weird place, where listening is more convenient than ever but there just canada goose clearance sale so fucking much of it that it easy to miss a great album because it gets lost in the pile of a million other releases.

And keeping caught up is impossible; I don want to spend all my listening time on new stuff, I like revisiting old favourites too, and even if I did just listen to new releases there simply isn enough time in the day to listen to it all.

canada goose clearance NoMansLight 2,871 points submitted Canada Goose Outlet 7 hours ago

Canada Goose sale Get your damn eyes canada goose uk black friday checked! Doesn matter if you have 20/20 vision (or think you do), you should get a yearly checkup from an optometrist.

canada goose coats on sale I have never had a problem with my vision, and just last week my wife made an appointment canada goose uk outlet with the optometrist for the both of canada goose us. Well it turns out I do have 20/20 vision and good peripheral vision (for now) canada goose coats but the optometrist also discovered I have a rare disease. Pigment dispersion syndrome, most often found in people between 20 40 years old, a clear indication of cheap Canada Goose this is Canada Goose Parka krukenburg spindles on the cornea. Where pigment from your iris sloughs off and floats freely in the aqueous Canada Goose sale humor, it can get lodged in the drainage system of your eye thus causing increased interocular pressure when this happens it called pigment glaucoma and can lead to permanent blindness.

So dispite otherwise good eye sight I have a possibility of going blind at a pretty young age, there are no signs of open angle increased interocular pressure, the kind caused by pigment glaucoma, and the damage buy canada goose jacket cheap is permanent. Get your damn eyes checked!

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What does it matter? What is with canada goose store this fascination towards Communism and this desperate need to invalidate it? It frankly doesn canada goose uk shop matter what the political ideology of the government is, because all throughout Latin America, Right wing, Canada Goose Online Left wing, Communist, or Democratic virtually all of the nations there share common traits: are in economic crisis, have extremely corrupt (if not outright dictatorial) governments, have little to no rule of law, or have swathes of impoverished people. The socioeconomic situation in Latin America is a little more complex than “hurr hurr another example of working

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I was sick almost 10 years ago. I didn’t quite know what it was but he t was a weird pain in my stomach that kept getting worse. and I had zero appetite for several days on end.

I go to the hospital and nobody seems to believe me that something is VERY wrong. The triage nurse has me wait until I am the very last person there. When my name is called I can barely walk to the back. The doctor spends less than 5 minutes with me and gives canada goose black friday sale me some anesthestic to drink. The pain subsided and I start to walk out.

Suddenly I start heaving and puke a significant amount of blood on the floor Canada Goose Coats On Sale in front of the doctor. He tells me that it isn’t something to worry about and makes me leave. I knew that was a BS excuse to get me out of there.

canada goose coats The next day I went to a different hospital and immediately got into https://www.canadagooseonline.org a room. I went through X rays and various other tests. Turns out I had multiple ulcers in my stomach that were pushing against some other organs. I was immediately attended to and the problem went away entirely within a few weeks.

I have health insurance (my family is quite wealthy too) AND live in Canada. I ended up contacting health Canada and had the doctor fired. I debated civil action, but opted not to

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Canada Goose online He a white nationalist. There a subtle difference in that one group wears swastickas, hates jews and endorses genocide and the other wants a white ethnostate. They have some things in common.

canada goose clearance sale also thats a pretty great flair, im jealous for the person who gets it.

Canada Goose Jackets TheBeardedSatanist 13 points submitted canada goose factory sale 1 day ago

canadian goose jacket Man I 320lbs, I rock 2xl shirts and big ass pants, and it rarely ever a problem. Theatre seats work fine, plane seats aren a problem, the only place I had bad luck is amusement parks.

Did it suck to not be able to ride a few (and it was only a couple) of the more exciting rides? Yeah, sure it did, and I felt pretty shitty about it, but it not the responsibility of the amusement park to cater to me in that way. Rides have safety systems that involve locking you canada goose coats on sale in place, uk canada goose and I sure they plan that based on the average person accounting for minor size differences.

canada goose black friday sale These people need to realize that the world isn built around their needs and wants, and being massive has consequences even aside from health and general quality of life (which they also deny).

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canada goose deals Ah okay Canada Goose Jackets so you mean worse as in less effective then? That makes sense, opioids are much more powerful in their sedative effects Canada Goose online which would help uk canada goose outlet for that kind of pain.

I don take pot for pain (anxiety instead), but I believe that helps more with chronic pain that annoys you constantly, like my Dad has canada goose clearance a fucked up ankle and poor joint health so it helps him cope with that relatively minor pain. Pain from a surgery or horrific injury definitely needs more than that

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And here children we have the elusive master baiter, a specimen that appears to be just too stupid to be real, and more often than not is too stupid to be real.

buy canada goose jacket Now now, cheap canada goose uk it may seem tempting to attack the wretched thing, and that is generally what stupidity like this should be met buy canada goose jacket with, however, the master baiter thrives off of this instinct. It wants you to go after it, it needs you to take the bait.

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