David Vangel

a story contains but few words….
Born. Walked. Kept walking…

David Vangel, aka “Vangel”, is a Toronto based producer & live performer.  He first turned heads in 2000 with his production work in the Canadian hip hop scene, with his work being described as “beats so gloriously fucked, they make EL-P sound like a more accessible Moby” (Now Magazine). Since embarking on his own musical journey in 2005, Vangel has released a string of instrumental EPs that have confused and amazed music lovers and muddled the boundaries between such genres as electronic, hip hop, jazz, rock, and folk.

Vangel’s first musical steps began with his formal music studies as a member of his school band, strings ensemble, and symphony orchestra. “I hated playing. I just wanted to put it together”. His fascination with ‘putting together’ eventually led to an obsession with ‘taking apart’; dissecting songs, time signatures, and melody. Needing a more contextual knowledge base, Vangel spent his days digging through flea markets and garage sales in search of diverse vinyl records with new sounds and ideas.  Eventually, vinyl led to djing. Working with 2 records opened Vangel’s eyes to the possibilities of manipulating and creating new sound relationships. “I wanted to make beats so bad. I had so many ideas I wanted to try out. I bought a computer, quit my job, and started making music”.

In 2005, he began releasing music that drew comparisons across the musical spectrum, and caught the attention of 5&1/4 Records/Media, a local Canadian Indie Label.  With their support he released his peterdeadpan side-project, his debut ep: PostModern Eros, and select remixes. His work garnered international acclaim and he was later signed to Berlin’s premier instrumental hip hop and electronic label: Equinox Records. Since 2007, he has been featured on a multitude of Equinox releases, and in 2009 released “Biblio”; a neo classic electronic jazz inspired ep, which was dubbed “a very accomplished affair, blurring the lines between disparate genres and sound sources” (Cyclic Defrost Magazine).  Having taken his live improvisational PA across Canada, the US, and Europe, Vangel continues to make strong impressions on those he meets and take in his music.

All his talents are unleashed with his newest release and debut lp: Breadth Control.  A mind altering affair loaded with emotive melodies, explosive dynamics, and savage gauntlets of fierce drum programming, Breadth Control moves listeners with orchestral string arrangements and an overall cinematic quality that creates abstract visions ranging from
optimism to melancholy.  Breadth Control demands attention, and is poised to leave its stamp on the future of electronic fusion music.

With a multitude of diverse theme-based musical projects on deck, Vangel is taking humble steps towards a unique synthesis of sound.

Born. Walked. Kept walking…

Press Quotes:

The Skinny (UK) – “A scholar of music, Vangel effortlessly renders musical crossovers that reach beyond genre and culture….this is the sound of the local infused with the global, a melting pot of musical appropriation.”

Amplifier Magazine (US) – (…re: Biblio) “a jazz-rock hybrid that would do Miles and Herbie proud – not to mention some of the hipper indie rockers”

Exclaim! Magazine (CAN) – “Vangel’s sounds are so difficult to classify because they seem to come from everywhere and mingle in the ether to create a fantastic nu-jazz, progressive fusion, or broken beat psychedelic funk.”

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