Geste, aka François-Charles Domergue is an electronic producer from France. After releasing his debut EP “Jaw Breaker” in late 2008, officially remixing Kraddy‘s Glitch Hop anthem “Android Porn” as well as producing other remixes for artists such as Mondkopf, Jose Gonzalez or Fever Ray in 2009/2010, Geste’s new EP “Eating Concrete” is ready to hit the stores in March 2011.

On this new 5 track epos, the Parisian producer did again what he is best at: creating highly energetic electronic music that grabs you by the hair and makes you spin in all directions. Trying to describe his music will, at most times, leave you short of words. The German magazine Goon simply called it “electronic music for all head bangers” and De-Bug noticed the songs’ “exuberant terror flair” that “is almost making one weep for joy…”.

Furthermore, there is one question that is asked quite frequently: “Is this still electronic music?” There’s no definitive answer… Being a passionate listener of different styles of music ranging from Hardcore to Jazz, as well as being an accomplished bass player that led him to play in various bands, from MØN‘s Post-Rock to Ars Nova‘s Punk Hardcore, Domergue’s early work as Geste was yet just another way to explore new soundscapes. These quite unusual influences for an “electronic” musician naturally led to a completely new approach and resulted in one of the most unique styles to come out in electronic music since the past few years.

(Pictures by Vincent Bitaud)

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