2econd Class Citizen “Divided Reality” (Digital / LTD 12″)

Release Date Vinyl: Mar. 19, 2010
Release Date Digital: Mar. 19, 2010

Manufactured in late 2004 and officially released in February 2005, the “Divided Reality” EP was 2econd Class Citizen’s first full release, privately put out by himself.

With a brand new cover and label artwork the last remaining original 30 vinyl copies are now getting a proper re-release via Equinox Records. Additionally, we wanted to share the EP as a free download.


“Listening to it now, I believe there are many things I could have done differently, but I was just getting properly into making solo music at the time and it represents me finding my feet, so to speak.” 2econd Class Citizen

Still, with intricate arrangement, live instruments and sample-sources belonging to a vast spectrum of musical styles, “Divided Reality” was the first accessible example of the 2CC‘s incredible talents.

Used for this release are the original masters of the 12”, which, to be honest, could have been better, but no seperated layers or mixes are available anymore, so here we go with the truly original “Divided Reality” by 2econd Class Citizen.



Tracklist Digital

(01) Jazz Break
(02) Real Therapy
(03) A New World (Divided Reality Version)

Tracklist Vinyl

(A1) A New World
(A2) Wishing Well
(B1) Real Therapy
(B2) Jazz Break



Note: The vinyl release additionally contains 2econd Class Citizen’s classic song “Wishing Well” in an early version. This we decided to keep exclusive to the 12” release.



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