2econd Class Citizen “One By One EP” (12″, Limited)

Departing from the highly acclaimed “Wyred Folk” EP debut on Equinox, this new release by 2econd Class Citizen bridges the way to his forthcoming album “Madrugada” (due out in fall 2009) and includes 6 great new tracks: 2 special EP mixes, a non-album tune and 3 exclusive remixes of “Step Inside“.

Focusing on sample based instrumental music on his previous works, the “One By One EP” now features the vocal talents of Ceschi Ramos, Reindeer (of Fbcfabric & Reindeer) and James pHoney. The title track is a hip hop, folk tinged masterpiece with Ceschi showcasing his inimitable style, switching effortlessly between stunningly beautiful harmonies and ridiculously good rapping. “For This We’ll Find No End” finds the two rappers/wordsmiths Reindeer & J. pHoney delivering their unique and totally original approach to the English language peerlessly over 2CC’s dirty drums. Next, on “The Day You’re Lost Or Found“, 2CC shows once again that he is on top of the game when it comes to creating instrumental Hip-Hop with deepness and power. Reminiscent of the vibe on “Wyred Folk”, this track might incorporate one of the most catchy samples ever found, built around a drumbeat and arrangement that leaves other contemporary beat makers far behind and proves that 2econd Class Citizen is in a class of its own.

Whereas the original compositions are in the vein of folk inspired instrumental hip hop and film score music, the remixes offer more electronic and “clubbier” versions, pleasing the DJ’s as well. Upcoming producer genius Christian Fischer aka Playpad Circus from Berlin goes first with his unique interpretation of “Step Inside”. Based around the vocal announcement of a maniac circus director: “Take a ride on a fantazmorgial carnival ride” – Chris plays around with this idea, twisting and distorting your mind with his complex bass and synth driven sounds taking you on a one of a kind sound trip unlike anything you may have heard for a while! Then, Bias (of Canteen Records and known for his works with Lewis Parker) sets the pace with his trademark style, combining hip hop beats with intricately arranged sounds to create a stunning laidback summer anthem. Finally, French beat maker Zoën offers another down-tempo version, that starts with a thrilling slow beat and transforms into a hypnotic drum and bass tune.

Please Note: Digital Release includes different Tracklisting and bonus remixes by Earthkeptwarm (amazing dub step remix!!) and Playpad Circus!

Shop links for vinyl edition:
Kudos Records
Rough Trade UK
loop 23.de

(01) For This We’ll Find No End feat. Reindeer & James pHoney mp3
(02) Step Inside (Playpad Circus Remix) mp3
(03) The Day You’re Lost Or Found (EP Mix) mp3

(04) Step Inside (Bias Remix) mp3
(05) One By One feat. Ceschi (EP Mix) mp3
(06) Step Inside (Zoën Remix) mp3


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