2econd Class Citizen “One By One EP” (12″, Test Pressing)

This is a test pressing vinyl with unique handdrawn artwork by The Raincoatman of 2econd Class Citizen’s “One By One” Single (only one copy exists!!). It was given away for free to the winner of a contest (see questions below) in the Equinox October 2009 newsletter.

2econd Class Citizen – Test Press Contest

1. Who guested on the track “Listen The Night”?

Reindeer (aka JamesReindeer)

2. What is the name of 2econd Class Citizen’s first EP?

Divided Reality

3. How many official versions and remixes exist of 2CC’s track “Wishing Well”?

4 versions exist:
1. Wishing Well on Divided Reality
2. Wishing Well on Wyred Folk (different version as on Divided Reality)
3. Wishing Well (Wyred Remix) on Wyred Folk
4. Wishing Well (Re-Wyred Remix) on the One Year & A Day Compilation. This version contains new drums and is mixed differently.

4. Name all (official) remixers of 2CC’s track “Step Inside”.

Playpad Circus (aka PPC)

5. Name the false alternative name of the album “A World Without” that was mentioned on some of the stickers on the “One By One EP”.

The false name was “Madrugada”. It was mentioned on the handnumbered copies 201 to 500 as these had a different sticker.

6. Name the vinyl matrix number / number in run-out groove of “Wyred Folk”.

69365E1/A and 69365E2/A

Bonus question* 1: Which of 2CC’s solo releases are handnumbered?

Only the “One By One EP” is handnumbered.

Bonus question* 2: Which three handwritten letters can be found on the front cover of the “Wyred Folk EP”?



(01) For This We’ll Find No End feat. Reindeer & James pHoney mp3
(02) Step Inside (Playpad Circus Remix) mp3
(03) The Day You’re Lost Or Found (EP Mix) mp3

(04) Step Inside (Bias Remix) mp3
(05) One By One feat. Ceschi (EP Mix) mp3
(06) Step Inside (Zoën Remix) mp3

Shop links for regular vinyl edition:
Kudos Records
Rough Trade UK
loop 23.de


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