Ceschi “Shorted Circuits EP” (10″ / Digital)

Release Date: February 25th, 2011

2011 brings us the Shorted Circuits EP, a very special 10″ picture disc from Ceschi & DJ Scientist that contains 2 new tracks as well as a bunch of great unreleased remixes from “The One Man Band Broke Up” album.

The title track “Shorted Circuits” is an ode to Ceschi‘s grandmother who passed away on September 13th, 2010:
“Almost exactly three years before her passing my grandmother was hospitalized for two months and returned home only to have lost her ability to walk, speak and eat properly. My brother David, my mother and I all moved in together with my grandparents to help nurse Nonna (as we call her in Italian) to better health. Throughout this time period she had been suffering from intense panic attacks and had to eat through a feeding tube. The basis of this song was written to this inspirational DJ Scientist track while I sat next to my Nonna one day in the kitchen back in late 2007/early 2008. Listening back to Shorted Circuits 3 years later, the most powerful thing about the song is that, with persistent help of my brother and family, my Grandmother eventually succeeded in walking, talking and eating normally again. She was an incredibly strong woman and lived happily for years after she was supposed to. We laughed a lot and really appreciated each other until her last day. I’ll miss her deeply for the rest of my life – and this song will always remind me of her. My only hope is that listeners can appreciate it as much as I do.” -ceschi

Ceschi – Shorted Circuits (Preview) by Equinox Records

Keeping up with Ceschi‘s tradition of telling Bad Jokes – Q: What’s Black and White and Red All Over? A: A nun falling down the stairs – the EP continues. Although the acoustic guitar version of “Black and White and Red All Over” has become a highly requested staple of Ceschi’s live performance, this is the original version produced by DJ Scientist. The light string plucks and delicate but crisp bouncy drums are a nice accompaniment for Ceschi‘s story of growing up as a questioning Catholic school boy. As with most of Ceschi‘s music, all of the lyrics stem from reality. This is Ceschi‘s ultimate ode to the hypocrisies of a church that brought him faith and proceeded to take it away.

Ceschi – Black And White And Red All Over (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Equinox Records

Next up, “Half Mast” – one of the key tracks from Ceschi‘s last album – got remixed by some of the finest beatmakers today: David Vangel from Toronto, 2econd Class Citizen from London and Phonatic from Würzburg provided stunning new versions of the tune, each adding their personal twist. While Phonatic combined straight forward hip hop drums with synths and a strong bassline, Vangel & 2econd Class Citizen kept more of the original melancholic feel of the track but added new samples and sounds. Last but not least, the title track from “The One Man Band Broke Up” album got reworked by The Raincoatman. The result is stunning uptempo alternative rock track with crashing drums and fierce guitars that additionally features an extra verse by Ceschi talking about the “Übermensch”.

While the remixes by David Vangel and Phonatic can be found on the b-side of the vinyl, the remixes by 2econd Class Citizen and The Raincoatman are available on the digital release that, alongside 3 bonus instrumentals, is provided via download code.

All lyrics can be found here.


(01) Shorted Circuits mp3
(02) Black And White And Red All Over FREE DOWNLOAD

(03) Half Mast (Vangel Remix) mp3
(04) Half Mast (Phonatic Remix) mp3


(01) Shorted Circuits mp3
(02) Black And White And Red All Over mp3
(03) Half Mast (Vangel Remix) mp3
(04) Half Mast (Phonatic Remix) mp3
(05) The One Man Band Broke Up (NamTaocniar Remix) mp3
(06) Half Mast (2econd Class Citizen Remix) mp3
(07) Half Mast (Vangel Remix) (Instrumental)
(08) Half Mast (Phonatic Remix) (Instrumental)
(09) Half Mast (2econd Class Citizen Remix) (Instrumental)

Released in cooperation with Fake Four Inc.

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Juno (UK)
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Sound-Station.at (Austria)
Grenade Offencive (Greece)


release pictures by Sindy Kretzschmar

(01) Shorted Circuits mp3
(02) Black And White And Red All Over mp3B|
(03) Half Mast (Vangel Remix) mp3
(04) Half Mast (Phonatic Remix) mp3


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