David Vangel “Breadth Control” (LP / CD / Digital)

Release Date Digital: May 20th, 2011
Release Date CD / Vinyl: June 3rd, 2011

Breadth Control“, the debut full length from David Vangel (formerly Vangel), is a mind altering affair loaded with emotive melodies, explosive dynamics, and savage gauntlets of fierce drum programming.  Raising the bar, the 13-track collection is a fusion of sampling and live instrumentation, including elements of hiphop, jazz, indie rock, electronic, gentle psychedelia, and even world music. The journey of “Breadth Control” is intense; moving listeners with orchestral string arrangements and an overall cinematic quality that creates abstract visions ranging from optimism to melancholy.

On a thematic level, “Breadth Control” is an exploration of the scope of human thinking while it is engaged in sound and music.  A musical experience that is the intermingling of genres, the debut LP is the future of electronic music from the brain of one of Canada’s most prominent sound pioneers.

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Equinox Records Online Store
Juno (UK)
Kudos Records (UK)
Sound-Station.at (Austria)
Grenade Offensive (Greece)

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Equinox Records Online Store
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David Vangel – Sandpaper Script (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Equinox Records

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(01) A Place Called Home mp3
(02) Breath Me In (Intro)
(03) Sandpaper Script mp3
(04) A Place In Time (Skit)
(05) Take Me By The Hand mp3
(06) Inhale & Exhale (Warm Up)
(07) Split Visionary
(08) The Sound of Poisons mp3
(09) Nearly Lost Myself (Skit)
(10) Cold Rain mp3
(11) Touching Your Feelings
(12) Another Place
(13) Inhale & Exhale (Cool Down)

Selected Quotes:

“Mind blowing; Intricate drum programming and layers and layers of depth.”

“Based out of Toronto on Berlin’s Equinox Records, producer David Vangel is starting to take off – following the paths of greats like Bonobo or Amon Tobin.”
Around In Sound

“It’s good stuff, and if you’re at all into electronic or instrumental music, you should hear this album.”
Hero Hill / herohill.com

“A collection of 13 snappy, yet sonically deep electronic songs.”

“The perfect soundtrack for a trainride to nowhere on a rainy day”

“Definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.”
2econd Class Citizen

“Bang boom – another big one…”
Double D / Radio Offenbach


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