DJ Scientist “The Artless Cuckoo EP” (12″ / Digital)

DJ Scientist has made a name for himself as one of the most reputable producers and DJs out of Germany by continuously releasing music for over more than a decade. He is mainly known for his works with US rapper and singer Ceschi Ramos, whose last album, completely produced by Scientist, “The One Man Band Broke Up” was a huge success in the indie hip hop scene. Together with Ceschi he also released the singles and EPs “Count On It / Bad Jokes”, “Shorted Circuits”, the limited collector’s item “Postcard Package”, as well as the underground Hip-Hop hit single “Same Old Love Song” that additionally featured the legendary west coast emcees 2Mex & Awol One, backed with another stunning track with Myka Nine of Freestyle Fellowship.

However, rappers aside, Scientist originally started his producer career strictly with instrumental music and “The Artless Cuckoo EP” is the first official solo release by Scientist since his “Journey Goodbye EP” in 2006 (apart from the 2010 “debut” album “The One Man Band Instrumentals”, which includes all the beats of the aforementioned album with Ceschi).

The new EP features 4 unreleased songs as well as 2 skits from Scientist’s productive and innovative 2002-2006 era, whereas an early version of the track “White Coffee” even dates back to 2001 and was one of his first songs ever. Listening to the music now, the tracks are quite remarkable as, at that time, probably noone else was heavily blending and fusing Hip-Hop with Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock and Folk like Scientist. Has this even been the invention of “Kraut Hop”?

Genre discussions aside, “The Artless Cuckoo” mainly reflects the dark and gloomy musical side of DJ Scientist’s taste in music – some of the tracks probably never came out as they were considered “too strange to release” by Scientist himself. In most cases though, due to his involvement in countless other projects, the main reason for these tunes to never see the light of day was that they had never been finished until Scientist dug them recently:

“I continued to work on these old tracks because a label asked me to do a mix with psychedelic music for their podcast series for which I had planned to incorporate a few unreleased songs from my archive. However, after a bit of digging on my hard drives, I had all these nice tracks in my hands. In most cases it just needed a day or two to finish them so I thought about putting them all together and create an EP rather than just adding them to a mix.”

Although consisting of older productions, “The Artless Cuckoo” is a refreshing alternative to the more electronic wave of Instrumental Hip-Hop that has been floating around recently. Furthermore, the EP can be seen as a teaser for his first official, yet unreleased, debut album, that was also produced between 2002 and 2006, which should be finally released later this year.


(01) Pronouncement / Vision
(02) Coated Suits & Marshmallows

(03) White Coffee
(04) Good To The Last Drop (Skit)
(05) Mooncloud Lady
(06) Lullaby (Outro)


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