2econd Class Citizen – Perception / Identity (Postcard Set)

Release Date: February 24th, 2012

2econd Class Citizen is back in full effect and will release his 2nd album in early May this year. To head off the promotion and campaign for his outstanding new full length release we have a really special treat for you:

Perception / Identity”, the second postcard package on our label, includes two beautiful vinyl postcards designed by the Amerian illustrator toobz and features two great new exclusive songs by 2econd Class Citizen, which will give you a preview into what you can expect to hear on his album “The Small Minority”.

The cards will be available for sale on the Equinox Online Store on friday, February 24th, and are limited to 25 hand numbered copies. Don’t hesitate to buy one of these as long as you can – they are unique and special and a perfect addition to your record collection!

More information about “The Small Minority” will follow shortly. In the meantime, make sure you follow 2econd Class Citizen on Facebook and Soundcloud:

Also, here is more info about toobz, who has provided the art for this release:

At an early age, Scott TOOBZ Noel began his creative lifestyle with observation and utilizing everything around him into something useful. Learning that he was colorblind initially molded his intimidation of color as he chose to stick with limited amounts. Through training and progression, his color limitations no longer created a disadvantage. In the early 80’s he was influenced by the graffiti culture. With ruleless abstract lettering and wildstyle expression, he explored this much needed outlet. Since this discovery, he has delved into new mediums, colors, and taking all that lies in the art world and incorporating inspiration to help learn himself and others.

Having no formal art education, Toobz started early in life teaching himself that all things have a similar process. By applying this rule, there is nothing that his hands would not try. He did not start his serious journey with visual arts until his mid twenties. Since then it has been a push and pull of understanding how these processes weave their similarities into different mediums. The debate of school and the money that it required led Toobz to self teaching. Although it has been a long road, he has taught himself the patience of finding the meaning of self expression and waking to everything around and inside the passion of this drive.

Homepage / Blog:

Pictures by www.theresalegler.com


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