2econd Class Citizen “Outside Your Doorway EP” (12″ Ltd / Digital)

Release Date Digital: April 20th, 2012
Release Date Vinyl: April 27th, 2012

After a super limited postcard vinyl set which literally sold out within 5 minutes, the “Outside Your Doorway EP” is the second teaser for the outstanding new 2econd Class Citizen album “The Small Minority”. The vinyl 12” and digital release feature exclusive remixes by Dday One and Buddy Peace, a bonus track together with long time collaborator James Reindeer as well as two of the main album tracks.

The title track, “Outside Your Doorway”, is 2econd Class Citizen at his best with his trademark fusion of Folk and Hip Hop replete with chopped vocals, crispy drums and all manor of sounds and textures designed to get your head nodding instantly. Next up, “Liberated Lady”, another superb catchy vocal track with a more uptempo and funky feel, carries all the hallmarks of a 2CC production and could become a dj’s favourite in the clubs.

Dday One’s remix of “Outside Your Doorway” is an extensive musical journey accompanied by crashing lo fi drum breaks and aching strings. Again, listening to this will get your head nodding without even realising. Then, Strange FamousBuddy Peace takes “Liberated Lady” and flips it like only he knows how. Adding new vocals and chops to create a whole new beast of a track.

Insect Forms” is an alternate and extended vocal version of “Identity”, a track which was featured solely on the aforementioned postcard package. 2econd Class Citizen, rapper James Reindeer and violinist Jenny Blackbird come together once again for a stunning deep and cinematic track.

The “Outside Your Doorway EP” is released in Mid April, while the complete album, “The Small Minority”, will drop in late May on Equinox Records, with the US release handled by the new Indie Hip-Hop powerhouse Fake Four. Need we say more?



(01) Outside Your Doorway (EP Mix)
(02) Liberated Lady (Album Version)
(03) Liberated Lady (Buddy Peace Remix)
(04) Outside Your Doorway (Dday One Remix)
(05) Insect Forms (feat. James Reindeer)
(06) Outside Your Doorway (Know My Soul Mix)

Vinyl 12″

(01) Outside Your Doorway (EP Mix)
(02) Outside Your Doorway (Dday One Remix)
(03) Insect Forms (feat. James Reindeer)

(04) Liberated Lady (Album Version)
(05) Liberated Lady (Buddy Peace Remix)
(06) Outside Your Doorway (Know My Soul Mix)

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Equinox Records Online Store
Kudos Records
Grenade Offencive (Greece)





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