J. Baracuz “A Contemporary Witness” (12″)

Due to popular demand, we could not resist to press J. Baracuz‘ 2011 digital release “A Contemporary Witness” on vinyl. So here it is again – this time on black gold, as we all love it the most.

The six track EP successfully blends crackling samples and futuristic sounds with heavy drums and beautiful vocal bits, while focussing on modern sounddesign, delicate arrangements and complex song structures. Additional to J. Baracuz‘ four original tracks from the digital version, the 12″ comes with two awesome and brandnew remixes by Hamburg-based Skyence and Russian Damscray, who’s probably known best as one half of the producer duo Demokracy.

The opening track of the 12″, “The Overture”, juggles with string and piano samples while it is underlined by percussive and driving beats. The tune is as much “on point” as the impulsive second track “One Way Ticket”. Regardless of the moderate tempo, the song is straight forward, includes vocal shreds and synth sounds und even manages to switch over to a Sci Fi Dub part in the middle. The track is followed by “Everyone’s The Same” which impresses with it’s beautiful female vocal samples and a melancholic Soul Folk Electronica Vibe.

The flip-side starts with the remix by Skyence who has put hands on “The Overture“. With his detailed and more glitchy version he’s able to take the epic atmosphere of the original to another level. Next is the organic “Jazzy Conqueror“, the longest piece on the EP that was called a “Masterpiece” by French producer Fulgeance, one of our favourite beatmakers out there. Finally, Damscray leaves us behind with his version of “One Way Ticket“: An almost tribal dubstepish tune that sounds like an Aborigines underground party.

Parallel to the very limited vinyl release there will be a free download version of the remixes that includes “The Overture“, both remixes as well as an almost forgotten edit version.

About J. Baracuz

J. Baracuz is an electronic music producer/beatmaker from Berlin. His debut album “Lasergun Romances”, released in late 2006, has already given proof of his talents and his sense for complex sample-based compositions somewhere between instrumental hip-hop and electronica.

Lasergun Romances” also was the reason Equinox Records got in touch with him and licensed a couple of his tracks to be released on the “One Year & A Day” series alongside artists such as Free The Robots, Deckard or Emynd.

J. Baracuz’ music can be described best as a progressive, interesting blend of shredded obscure samples, heavy mpc-soaked drums and modern synthetic sounds refined with some glitches here and there. The sampling approach behind all of his tracks is based on the idea of giving rise to not just beats but entire songs out of a “pile of broken dreams”.

After a creative break he spent with studying, travelling and digging for records, J. Baracuz has found his way home in 2011 and released his EP “A Contemporary Witness” on Equinox. Due to popular demand, the EP was re-released in 2012 on vinyl.

J. Baracuz – One Way Ticket by Equinox.Digital

A |
(01) The Overture mp3
(02) One Way Ticket mp3
(03) Everyone´s The Same mp3

(04) The Overture (Skyence Remix)
(05) Jazzy Conqueror mp3
(06) One Way Ticket (Damscray Remix)

Selected Quotes

“The track “Jazzy Conqueror” is a masterpiece – rhythmically & the mood!! Nice!! It reminds me of the good years of Prefuse 73 & Forss! Addin it to my top 10 serato playlist!”
Fulgeance / France (Musique Large / MPM)

“A seriously head nodding groove layered with samples and melodies just as we like it.”
Rhythm Incursions

“I don’t know, maybe I’m in very good mood today, or maybe (quite possibly actually) A Contemporary Witness EP is one of the absolute best electronic releases I’ve heard in a long while.”
Trippin’ The Rift

„That’s goood!”
m.path.iq / We Are… On Air!

“There are big chances that we playlist the great “One Way Ticket” – but all the rest of the EP is dope too. Breaks, chops, groove, some well placed vocals, great themes and intensity explosions, what more could we ask for?”
Turnsteak / France

“Did it come from the year 2021 where all the people dance and sing to these kind of songs? Sounds like this.”
Demokracy / Russia

“This cut is sick as fuck! I can’t wait to hear the whole album.”
DJ Jesus Face

For the 2011 digital re-release please go here:

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