Geste “P.I.N.N. Electronics” (Flexi 7″ / Digital)

Release Date: June 21st, 2013

Geste’s “P.I.N.N. Electronics” is a very special release on Equinox Records and is a part of the “Counter Future” series. The original track was composed in 2002 by an artist called Philip P.I.N.N. aka Philip Pinnulstre and has been released on a relatively unknown 7” release on the small sublabel of DJ Vadim’s Jazz Fudge Records called Electro Caramel.

While the A side of that single by Philip Pinnulstre featured a clubby Electro/Disco song, the mid-tempo B-Side, “P.I.N.N. Electronics”, has been a track that DJ Scientist, founder of Equinox, spun in many DJ Sets and radio shows at that time and which became one of his favourite tunes. It partly even influenced Scientist for the sound of the music he selected for the very first album release on Equinox, “Welcome to the Neo Golden Age”, which he started to compile in 2003.

A few years ago, Scientist researched the track further and also tried to get information from former Electro Caramel owners DJ Vadim and Simon Rose as he was willing to licence the track for a possible re-release on Equinox. He additionally wanted to get in touch with Philip Pinnulstre himself of which no other release exists except this obscure single. However, all of his ambitions failed to find out more about the artist – noone was able (or willing?) to share info about the song or artist. Scientist even dug out an original press release of the single where it stated very obscure facts about Philip being the son of Frederick Pinnulstre who was described as “once one of Austria’s top recording producers” and also stated that the A side tune of the single originally has been released in 1984 – a pretty obscure fact.

However, neither Google nor the extensive music database Discogs provide more info about father and son. So, most likely, the whole story was a funny invention by the label to create a certain interesting story about the release and Frederick & Philip Pinnulstre might just be pseudonyms for a well known producer that wants to remain unknown.

Anyhow, to cut the long story short, as this particular tune has been quite meaningful and important for DJ Scientist, he decided to ask Geste to reproduce the song for the 10 year anniversary release of Equinox. So the talented producer and bass player from France sat down, replayed every note, and created a yet unique cover version of the awesome track. With additional production and help by Andreikelos and Scientist himself, we proudly present the result: Geste’s “PINN Electronics” – a banging electronic composition with a Hip-Hop twist that captures the “organic / electronic” idea of the label to the fullest.

The track is released on a limited flexi disc that will be sold as a bonus item for the full length album. Some copies will be given away to magazines and fans via contests. The flexi comes with a download card that features additional remixes by Deckard, Kopfklang and Starflyer.



Flexi Disc:

(01) Geste – P.I.N.N. Electronics


(01) P.I.N.N. Electronics
(02) P.I.N.N. Electronics (Starflyer Remix)
(03) P.I.N.N. Electronics (Kopfklang Remix)
(04) P.I.N.N. Electronics (Paulie Jan Remix)



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