Various Artists “One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files”

The 12” and 7” vinyl single are common formats in the recording industry. And even the rarer used 10” has always been a favourite pick by labels for special issues and collector’s editions. But who has ever heard of the 5inch vinyl disc? The record in the size of a CD is very rarely made. And now, Equinox Records offers the first ever series in this format! “One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files” features ten awesome tracks on 5 different records that will be available in a limited collector’s box of 250 handnumbered copies.

The difficulty of putting this collection together was basically the length of time available on a 5” plate, meaning that each track could not be longer than 2:30 minutes! So, unless you are doing fast punk rock music this short time span is probably not an easy task for composing a nice well rounded track and not just a simple loop. Nevertheless, all artists on this series did a great job arranging fantastic songs, now assembled to a beautiful collection of contemporary electronic hip-hop beats.

The series starts with a real banging introduction title produced by Vangel from Canada. Due to its hard drums and freakish vocal edits it is guaranteed that you won’t need no more coffee to finally “Wake Up”. Next is Misanthrop, the MC and producer out of Munich who is pushing the envelope with “Commercialism”. Heavy bass, automated FX wizardry and a perfect composition keep the 2:30 minutes packed with excitement. Then, DJ Scientist – founder and owner of Equinox Records – sets the pace with his bass driven, britcore styled “Rewind And Refine”. Snatchatec – the 2007 German IDA Champion – who adds some of the fastest cuts known to man, accompanies him. Then, on the flip, Aqua Luminus III. (of 88:Komaflash) brings in some melancholic vibes. With heavy drumming on “Uplock The Poprock” he pleases the mature B-Boy as well as the electronic music fiend out there. Afterwards, Mnemotrauma is on the go with “Shining”. A challenging and diversified Instrumental Hip-Hop composition. He is followed by J. Baracuz – another newcomer out of the booming German electronic Hip-Hop producer scene. “Yellow Cab” is a dope remarkable track that was previously released as a longer version on his album “Lasergun Romances“. After a very smooth soulful skit by SmoKey131, there is B-Ju with “Soja Extra”. His track is one of our favourites on the album. The banging kicks, snapping snares and a fresh arrangement will please everybody. Coming closer to the end, it is Aqua Luminus III. again – this time together with Misanthrop. Regardless of its somewhat brutal and dark vibe, “Sternhagelblau” is nothing but pure pleasure and will keep your head nodding until the last hit. Lastly, there is an epic outroduction by the Raincoatman, concluding with the words “see you real soon”.

And that’s what we definitely hope for: to see you soon, as this short 5inch compilation is another teaser for the upcoming full-length album “A Sound Exposure Vol.2” due out in early May 2008 featuring brand new compositions by Vangel, Aqua Luminus III., DJ Scientist, as well as Free The Robots, Ceschi, 2econd Class Citizen and many others. So stay tuned!


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