2econd Class Citizen - A World Without (2LP)

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Drawing from his palette of all things psychedelic, prog-rock, folk and traditional-song related, mixed with modern techniques of sampling and sequencing, 2econd Class Citizen aka Aaron Thomason creates music which transcends a multitude of genres to distil a wholly immersive experience. With "A World Without", his epic, debut full length, 2CC has out-done even himself in terms of the scale of production and ambition of the vast journey of song he has successfully encompassed, carrying the listener off into a brave new world rarely visited in this current musical age.

Vinyl: Limited Edition double vinyl with embossed sleeve and silver print. Comes with download code for all tracks.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Step Inside mp3
(02) One By One (feat. Ceschi) mp3
(03) A New Day mp3

(04) Wait For Me mp3
(05) On Emptyness mp3

(06) Our Lady Of Solitude (feat. Reindeer) mp3
(07) The Day You’re Lost Or Found mp3
(08) Listen The Night (feat. Reindeer) mp3

(09) From Where I Belong mp3
(10) A World Without mp3

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