2econd Class Citizen - The Small Minority (2LP)

It has been a long time coming as they say and now the second full length album from UK producer 2econd Class Citizen is ready for release. Having spent the past year collaborating with DJ Food, touring Europe with cars&trains and remixing artists such as Loka, Ceschi and Dday One, 2CC is back with his signature sound on "The Small Minority", his follow-up to 2009's "A World Without".

Double vinyl edition with gatefold sleeve. Includes download card for the complete album.


(01) And Now, Nothing
(02) On My Mind
(03) Outside Your Doorway
(04) Stop To Wonder
(05) Change (What We’re Creating)
(06) Inside The Cocoon
(07) Memory Page
(08) Liberated Lady
(09) No Destination
(10) Sail Eternal
(11) Metamorphosis
(12) Fragments Of A Dream
(13) Stay With Me
(14) Beyond The Sun

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