Audiac Records

THE EQUINOX SUPER DELUXE PREMIUM PACK (5x2LP, 1x3LP, 1xLP, 6x12", 3x10",1x7", 2xCD)

19 releases, including 5 double vinyl albums, 1 triple vinyl album, 1 , 10 vinyl EPs & Singles, 2 CDs

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Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3 3LP
DJ Scientist – For Better, For Worse 2LP
2econd Class Citizen – The Small Minority 2LP
Deckard – For A Better Tomorrow 2LP
Sole And The Skyrider Band - Hello Cruel World 2LP
David Vangel – Breadth Control LP
One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2 2LP
Geste - Jaw Breaker EP 12"
2econd Class Citizen - One By One EP 12"
Kraddy - Android Porn Remixes 12"
Geste - Eating Concrete EP 12"
Counter Future EP (Part 1) 12"
Counter Future EP (Part 2) 12"
Kraddy - Android Porn - The Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix 10"
Playpad Circus - Phantasma EP 10"
Arcsin - Uprock Citizen EP 10"
Asup - Chiffre / Untitled 7"
Welcome to the Neo Golden Age - A Sound Exposure Vol.1 CD
One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2 CD

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THE EQUINOX STARTER PACK (4x2LP, 1x3LP, 1x1LP, 1x12", 1x7")

8 recommended classic releases from Equinox Records plus one single by Asup on Audiac.

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2econd Class Citizen – The Small Minority 2LP
DJ Scientist – For Better, For Worse 2LP
Deckard – For A Better Tomorrow 2LP
David Vangel – Breadth Control LP
Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3 3LP
One Year & A Day – A Sound Exposure Vol. 2 2LP
2econd Class Citizen – One By One EP 12”
Asup - Chiffre / Untitled 7"

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Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III - Leinwand (10")

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Combining their distinctive producing skills, Misanthrop and Aqua Luminus III (88:Komaflash), both from Munich created an astonishing 5 track EP that will appeal to both groups of listeners: abstract Hip-Hop heads and Electronica lovers. Although this is the first project at which the two artists worked together, they seem to harmonize perfectly. The diverse selection of samples, the heavy drum programming and crashing rhythms, plus the melodies and scratches - all this leads us to an uncommon but very unique and strong release.

Vinyl: Limited to 500 copies.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Giftgruen (C45%,M0%, Y98%,K0%) mp3
(02) Sternhagelblau (RAL 5024) mp3
(03) Barbarossa (rgb 255, 62, 26) mp3

(03) Rabenschwarz (#000) mp3
(04) Ultraviolett (790 THz - 30 PHz) mp3

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Ground Zero - Misantropolis EP (12")

7 track EP produced by DJ Backdraft, DJ Scientist & Misanthrop. Featuring  Omega Takeshi (of 88:Komaflash), DJ M-Tech and others! Including the classic instrumental Hip-Hop tune “Kaya”.

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A1. Devotion
A2. Antagon
A3. Panphobia
A4. Take Over
B1. Blowin MF
B2. Bergkristall
B3. Kaya

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Misanthrop - Psychogramm (CD)

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Great German Hip-Hop album produced by Misanthrop. Featuring Audio88.


1. Eingangshypnose
2. Gedankensplitter
3. Bildersprache (feat. Audio88)
4. Was ich hab
5. Askese
6. Mitternacht
7. Ãœber Freundschaft
8. Rap ist cool [mp3]
9. Dauerhaft: Unglücklich
10. Naturphänomen [mp3]
11. Tagesablauf
12. Zwei Extreme
13. Sex & Hypnose
14. Musik ist meine Rettung
15. So moecht ich nicht begraben sein
16. Schweigeminute

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Asup - Chiffre / Untitled (7" Vinyl)

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Just when you thought the music was over, Asup hits your ears with this full flavoured beautiful 7 inch. Being his debut vinyl release, this limited edition picture disc comes with amazing artwork and offers you two truly unique and sophisticated compositions full of banging drums, 8bit noises, warm synths, a bunch of dusty samples and the kind of vibe you'll like. Take a listen!

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Chiffre mp3
(02) Untitled mp3

Price: 5.90 €
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