Son Of Kick - Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) (12")

"Guacha" is the follow up single to the Son Of Kick release "Revolution ABC" EP. This monstrous slab of bass driven, hip hop fuelled beatmastery lined with THE most catchy lyrical chant from New York's Natalia Clavier. Alongside the original, Son Of Kick looked to the talents of Disiz, Grems and Micro Coz for added power for the "Guacha Rekix" version. Additionally, the vinyl single offers the track "Revolution B", an equally massive tune from his aforementioned EP. Dopeness!

Vinyl: Includes vinyl bonus track "Revolution B". Contains free download code for digital release with extra versions and acapella.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) mp3

(02) Revolution B
(03) Guacha Rekix (feat. Natalia Clavier, Grems, Disiz & Micro Coz) mp3

(01) Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) mp3
(02) Guacha Rekix (feat. Natalia Clavier, Grems, Disiz & Micro Coz) mp3
(03) Guacha Rekix (Dub) mp3
(04) Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) (Radio Edit)
(05) Guacha Rekix (Acapella)

6.90 €Price:
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