DJ Scientist - For Better, For Worse (2LP + 7")

Sorry for the high price but this is the very very last copy from our archive!! Includes handnumbered copy #4 of the bonus 7″. Autographed embossed edition!!

"For Better, For Worse" is the debut album by DJ Scientist, the founder and head of the Equinox Records label. The music on the album was produced between 2001 and 2006 and offers a unique, fully-sample based body of work that, even 6 years after its originally scheduled release date, has the power to spellbind and steer the listener into the widespread musical world of one of Germany's most passionate record collectors and artist. Instrumental Hip-Hop has rarely been purer, more powerful or more uncompromising. Stop, and listen. For better, and for worse.

Supreme double vinyl pressing with gatefold sleeve! Includes download card for full digital release!

Exclusive special offer in cooperation with ultra limited one sided 7inch featuring a pushing, weird and totally unique psych song by the fictitious character Julius The Bearded Saviour (aka Ceschi), produced by DJ Scientist. The single refers to Ceschi & Scientist’s classic “The One Man Band Broke Up” album as well as DJ Scientist’s EP “The Artless Cuckoo”.

A |
(01) Outside Chatter (Intro)
(02) Ball Of Confusion
(03) World Of Stone
(04) The Death Of Hip-Hop (A Dedication)

B |
(05) Raincoatman
(06) Nightdrive Memories

C |
(07) Riding My Nightmare
(08) Chasing Fire (Part I & II)
(09) This Could Be The Last Time
(10) Autumn Leaves

D |
(11) Anything About Nothing (Revised)
(12) Can’t Someone Tell Me My Name?
(13) The Death Of Hip-Hop (Instrumental) (Vinyl Bonus Track)

Bonus Single:
A |
(01) Julius The Bearded Saviour & The Raincoatman – The Artless Prayer

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