DEAD Magazine Issue VI (Mag + 7")

Another great issue of Germany’s leading underground Hip-Hop & Electronica magazine. Articles and interviews with Astronautalis, Myka 9, Milled Pavement, Th’ Mole, Buddy Peace, and many others  … including an exclusive limited hand numbered and autographed vinyl 7inch by Novar Slevik!! Only 250 copies made!!

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Tracklist 7":

A1. Fuckland
A2. 8bit
A3. Tolerating
B1. Ropeladder
B2. The Strength

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DEAD Magazine Issue V (Mag + 7")

DEAD Magazine 5 features a strictly limited 7inch vinyl single with 2 songs by Subtle. We also had in-depth talks with Dose One of Subtle, Strange Famous Records’ new signings Prolyphic & Reanimator and B. Dolan, Karhu and DJ Scientist. Plus we interviewed Britains up and coming fbcfabric & reindeer as well as producer DDay One.

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Tracklist Vinyl:

A. Subtle - Providence
B. Subtle - The Mercury Craze (Playpad Circus Remix)

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DEAD Magazine Issue IV (Mag + CD)

This time, we had in-depth talks with Sole from Anticon, K-The-I???, Ceschi Ramos, Noah23 and Controller7. Plus we interviewed Swiss Producer and Rapper Mattr./Ohmacht. Our feature “The Death of Vinyl” goes into round 2, and our playlists feature New York´s legendary DJ Signify. Includes exclusive CD-sampler (featuring Tracks by Ceschi, Oskar Ohlson, Vangel,…)

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Tracklist CD:

1. B-Ju - Soja Extra
2. Oskar Ohlson feat. Variex - Your Contact Lenses Are The Wrong Color
3. Ceschi - Injuries Being Called Suspicious
4. Vangel - Cold Rain
5. Ohmacht feat. Notthesame - Badwanne
6. Zilla - Bout It/Bout It
7. Soda - Schatten
8. Mnemotrauma - The Pipes Of Pan

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