THE EQUINOX SUPER DELUXE PREMIUM PACK (5x2LP, 1x3LP, 1xLP, 6x12", 3x10",1x7", 2xCD)

19 releases, including 5 double vinyl albums, 1 triple vinyl album, 1 , 10 vinyl EPs & Singles, 2 CDs

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Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3 3LP
DJ Scientist – For Better, For Worse 2LP
2econd Class Citizen – The Small Minority 2LP
Deckard – For A Better Tomorrow 2LP
Sole And The Skyrider Band - Hello Cruel World 2LP
David Vangel – Breadth Control LP
One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2 2LP
Geste - Jaw Breaker EP 12"
2econd Class Citizen - One By One EP 12"
Kraddy - Android Porn Remixes 12"
Geste - Eating Concrete EP 12"
Counter Future EP (Part 1) 12"
Counter Future EP (Part 2) 12"
Kraddy - Android Porn - The Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix 10"
Playpad Circus - Phantasma EP 10"
Arcsin - Uprock Citizen EP 10"
Asup - Chiffre / Untitled 7"
Welcome to the Neo Golden Age - A Sound Exposure Vol.1 CD
One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2 CD

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Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up (CD)

Last archive copy! Sorry, for the price. Please check for cheaper copies at Discogs.

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Ceschi and DJ Scientist initially connected around 2005 over a mutual adoration of rare 60s/70s psychedelic, prog and folk rock as well as 90s hip hop. On their first record together, "The One Man Band Broke Up", both gentlemen evoke their influences creating a completely original sounding, melodic, dark and unabashedly progressive hip hop concept album. Based around the ever revisited topic of the rise and fall of a musician, in this case one named Julius and The Bearded Saviour, "The One Man Band Broke Up" is as much about Ceschi's own fear of failure as it is about personal experiences in a dog eat dog music industry. As Ceschi's voice moves from meticulous almost mathematical rhythms to aggressive nearly punk howling to scat like rhymes, Scientist layers epic montages of samples, dynamic drums, along with chopped live instruments to compliment the diversity of styles. Friends including Sole, Astronautalis, Radical Face (of Electric President), 2econd Class Citizen, Cars & Trains and Mic King also contribute instrumentation and vocals. The combined outcome is a post-modern hip hop project unlike anything else the two musicians have previously released.

Digipak release with lyrics inlay.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) The One Man Band Broke Up mp3
(02) Half Mast mp3
(03) No New York mp3
(04) Lament For Captain Julius mp3
(05) Fallen Famous mp3
(06) Bridge mp3
(07) Serious Business
(08) Hangman (feat. Shoshin, Mic King & David Ramos) mp3
(09) Bad Jokes mp3
(10) For My Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes mp3
(11) Long Live The Short Lived (feat. Sole) mp3
(12) Swallowed Salt
(13) Julius Final Song mp3

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Various Artists - Welcome to the Neo Golden Age - A Sound Exposure Vol.1 (CD)

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The first album on Equinox Records. Six different artists, different places, different visions of music - one aim. Equinox Records presents its Sound Exposure Vol.1. A variety of electronic and organic fusions that have been put together to form the sound of Equinox. Neither defined by borders of genres, nor by distance. Vienna, Munich, New York, Philadelphia all merge as the Neo Golden Age emerges.

Specially designed book-like cover in high quality.


(01) Arcsin - Positron Affirmation (Intro)
(02) Arcsin - PWM Depth
(03) Danny Decock - G.k.S.
(04) Emynd - Positive Reinforcement
(05) Echelon - Twilight Zone
(06) Mnemotrauma - Waiting for the Sun
(07) DJ Scientist - Raincoatman
(08) Aqua Luminus - OP Wueste
(09) Arcsin Poplock - Poplock Axefists
(10) Danny Decock - Obscure
(11) DJ Scientist - Riding My Nightmare
(12) Mnemotrauma - Alpha Centauri
(13) Danny Decock - We Will Come Back
(14) Outro Arcsin - A Moment of Clarity

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Misanthrop & Cocon - Gefahren Im Anzug (CD)

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2econd Class Citizen - A World Without (CD)

Last archive copies! Sealed!

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Drawing from his palette of all things psychedelic, prog-rock, folk and traditional-song related, mixed with modern techniques of sampling and sequencing, 2econd Class Citizen aka Aaron Thomason creates music which transcends a multitude of genres to distil a wholly immersive experience. With "A World Without", his epic, debut full length, 2CC has out-done even himself in terms of the scale of production and ambition of the vast journey of song he has successfully encompassed, carrying the listener off into a brave new world rarely visited in this current musical age.

Vinyl: Limited Edition double vinyl with embossed sleeve and silver print. Comes with download code for all tracks.
CD: Digipak

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Step Inside mp3
(02) One By One (feat. Ceschi) mp3
(03) A New Day mp3
(04) Wait For Me mp3
(05) On Emptyness mp3
(06) Our Lady Of Solitude (feat. Reindeer) mp3
(07) The Day You’re Lost Or Found mp3
(08) Listen The Night (feat. Reindeer) mp3
(09) From Where I Belong mp3
(10) A World Without mp3

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Deckard - Echoes From The Past (LP + CD)

Very last copies of the deluxe edition!! The regular edition is already sold out!

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This special edition is limited to 50 copies and additionally contains another unreleased album by Deckard called "Underground & Subkultur" on CD. The vinyl is sounding superb and the cover is made of heavy 350g paper with inside out print. Also includes a download card for the digital release of the LP.

Just a few months after the release of his successful debut LP "For A Better Tomorrow" and his singles "Andromeda" and "Günesim", Deckard is ready for the next strike. "Echoes From The Past" is an unreleased album that was produced during the years 2000 to 2005. After some dusting off, polishing and re-mastering, the 9 tracks sound as contemporary and fresh as back then. Deckard himself calls it "Instrumentals out of a time when beats where still beats" – classically arranged drums, assembled with futuristic sound elements – already making up the dark sound that Deckard is now known for.

A |
(01) A Black Hole (Part 2)
(02) Defunked
(03) Haunted Beats
(04) Echoes From The Past
(05) Endzeit

(06) Gedankenjäger
(07) Fear
(08) Shadows
(09) Slow Body Movement
(10) Headz Theme (Vinyl Bonus)

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Sole And The Skyrider Band - Hello Cruel World (CD + Shirt)

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Each order contains an exclusive T-shirt in Fruit Of The Loom Quality with a 3 colour-print (100% cotton). The CD is a nice digipak edition.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Napoleon (feat. Xiu Xiu)
(02) D.I.Y.
(03) Hello Cruel World mp3
(04) Fire
(05) Bad Captain Swag (feat. Lil B & Pictureplane) mp3
(06) We Will Not Be Moved (feat. Ceschi & Noah23)
(07) Possimism
(08) Home Ain't Shit (written by Pedestrian)
(09) Formal Designation 134340
(10) Immortality
(11) Progress Trap (feat. Sage Francis)
(12) Vaya Con El Diablo (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker, Mestizo & Ceschi)
(13) Villon

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Various Artists - One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2 (CD)

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Really beautiful and extensive digipak edition - made up like a book.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) The Peddlers - A Year And A Day (Metamorphosis) (Intro) mp3
(02) Vangel – A Different Direction mp3
(03) Free The Robots – Times Like This mp3
(04) 2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well (Re-Wyred Remix) mp3
(05) Arcsin – Scarlet Fever mp3
(06) Brenmar – Cavernous mp3
(07) Deadpan Darling – Laugh Track mp3
(08) Aqua Luminus III. – Tibetisches Gutenachtlied mp3
(09) Deckard – Dignity Of Men mp3
(10) Geste - Octobre mp3
(11) DJ Sept - Morning Comes (Revised) mp3
(12) DJ Scientist - Didn’t We (Skit) mp3
(13) Emynd – Identity Through Alterity mp3
(14) 2econd Class Citizen – Change & Motion mp3

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Sole And The Skyrider Band - Hello Cruel World (CD)

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Nice Digipak Edition.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Napoleon (feat. Xiu Xiu)
(02) D.I.Y.
(03) Hello Cruel World mp3
(04) Fire
(05) Bad Captain Swag (feat. Lil B & Pictureplane) mp3
(06) We Will Not Be Moved (feat. Ceschi & Noah23)
(07) Possimism
(08) Home Ain't Shit (written by Pedestrian)
(09) Formal Designation 134340
(10) Immortality
(11) Progress Trap (feat. Sage Francis)
(12) Vaya Con El Diablo (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker, Mestizo & Ceschi)
(13) Villon

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2econd Class Citizen - The Small Minority (CD)

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It has been a long time coming as they say and now the second full length album from UK producer 2econd Class Citizen is ready for release. Having spent the past year collaborating with DJ Food, touring Europe with cars&trains and remixing artists such as Loka, Ceschi and Dday One, 2CC is back with his signature sound on "The Small Minority", his follow-up to 2009's "A World Without". CD comes as a 6 page digipak.

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David Vangel - Breadth Control (CD)

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"Breadth Control", the debut full length from David Vangel, is a mind altering affair loaded with emotive melodies, explosive dynamics, and savage gauntlets of fierce drum programming. Raising the bar, the 13-track collection is a fusion of sampling and live instrumentation, including elements of hiphop, jazz, indie rock, electronic, gentle psychedelia, and even world music. The journey of "Breadth Control" is intense; moving listeners with orchestral string arrangements and an overall cinematic quality that creates abstract visions ranging from optimism to melancholy.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) A Place Called Home mp3
(02) Breath Me In (Intro)
(03) Sandpaper Script mp3
(04) A Place In Time (Skit)
(05) Take Me By The Hand mp3
(06) Inhale & Exhale (Warm Up)
(07) Split Visionary
(08) The Sound of Poisons mp3
(09) Nearly Lost Myself (Skit)
(10) Cold Rain mp3
(11) Touching Your Feelings
(12) Another Place
(13) Inhale & Exhale (Cool Down)

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Misanthrop - Psychogramm (CD)

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Great German Hip-Hop album produced by Misanthrop. Featuring Audio88.


1. Eingangshypnose
2. Gedankensplitter
3. Bildersprache (feat. Audio88)
4. Was ich hab
5. Askese
6. Mitternacht
7. Ãœber Freundschaft
8. Rap ist cool [mp3]
9. Dauerhaft: Unglücklich
10. Naturphänomen [mp3]
11. Tagesablauf
12. Zwei Extreme
13. Sex & Hypnose
14. Musik ist meine Rettung
15. So moecht ich nicht begraben sein
16. Schweigeminute

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Arcsin - Oculus Fang (CD)

Great instrumental electronica album on Uncommon Records! Classic!

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DEAD Magazine Issue IV (Mag + CD)

This time, we had in-depth talks with Sole from Anticon, K-The-I???, Ceschi Ramos, Noah23 and Controller7. Plus we interviewed Swiss Producer and Rapper Mattr./Ohmacht. Our feature “The Death of Vinyl” goes into round 2, and our playlists feature New York´s legendary DJ Signify. Includes exclusive CD-sampler (featuring Tracks by Ceschi, Oskar Ohlson, Vangel,…)

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Tracklist CD:

1. B-Ju - Soja Extra
2. Oskar Ohlson feat. Variex - Your Contact Lenses Are The Wrong Color
3. Ceschi - Injuries Being Called Suspicious
4. Vangel - Cold Rain
5. Ohmacht feat. Notthesame - Badwanne
6. Zilla - Bout It/Bout It
7. Soda - Schatten
8. Mnemotrauma - The Pipes Of Pan

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