David Vangel - Breadth Control (CD)

"Breadth Control", the debut full length from David Vangel, is a mind altering affair loaded with emotive melodies, explosive dynamics, and savage gauntlets of fierce drum programming. Raising the bar, the 13-track collection is a fusion of sampling and live instrumentation, including elements of hiphop, jazz, indie rock, electronic, gentle psychedelia, and even world music. The journey of "Breadth Control" is intense; moving listeners with orchestral string arrangements and an overall cinematic quality that creates abstract visions ranging from optimism to melancholy.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) A Place Called Home mp3
(02) Breath Me In (Intro)
(03) Sandpaper Script mp3
(04) A Place In Time (Skit)
(05) Take Me By The Hand mp3
(06) Inhale & Exhale (Warm Up)
(07) Split Visionary
(08) The Sound of Poisons mp3
(09) Nearly Lost Myself (Skit)
(10) Cold Rain mp3
(11) Touching Your Feelings
(12) Another Place
(13) Inhale & Exhale (Cool Down)

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