Deckard - Echoes From The Past (LP + CD)

Very last copies of the deluxe edition!! The regular edition is already sold out!

This special edition is limited to 50 copies and additionally contains another unreleased album by Deckard called "Underground & Subkultur" on CD. The vinyl is sounding superb and the cover is made of heavy 350g paper with inside out print. Also includes a download card for the digital release of the LP.

Just a few months after the release of his successful debut LP "For A Better Tomorrow" and his singles "Andromeda" and "Günesim", Deckard is ready for the next strike. "Echoes From The Past" is an unreleased album that was produced during the years 2000 to 2005. After some dusting off, polishing and re-mastering, the 9 tracks sound as contemporary and fresh as back then. Deckard himself calls it "Instrumentals out of a time when beats where still beats" – classically arranged drums, assembled with futuristic sound elements – already making up the dark sound that Deckard is now known for.

A |
(01) A Black Hole (Part 2)
(02) Defunked
(03) Haunted Beats
(04) Echoes From The Past
(05) Endzeit

(06) Gedankenjäger
(07) Fear
(08) Shadows
(09) Slow Body Movement
(10) Headz Theme (Vinyl Bonus)

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