Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - Moscow Nightlife (7")

First Word Records delivers some late summer heat with the first release by newly formed duo of French producer Fulgeance and DJ Scientist from Berlin.

Scientist is renowned as one of Germany’s most prolific record collectors, as anyone who heard his 2013 mix of 70s Soviet Grooves for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel will testify. Trawling through his extensive collection he dug out a haul of rare samples for Fulgeance, MPC virtuoso and one half of Souleance, who transformed the source material into one of the most exciting projects on our label so far: 'The Soviet Tape'.

'Moscow Nightlife' is the first single from the album, paired with two other tracks aimed squarely at the DJs and the diggers. Built on an incredibly catchy sample it is a definite winner on the dance floor. 'Imperialist Monsters' delivers even more heat and is based on a jazzy Latvian Pop Rock recording. Spiced with thrilling vocals from an old anti-Russian CIA documentary it blends light and dark with an ease that is a trademark of the full album.
Finally, on the flip side (and exclusive to this EP) 'Caucasian Wolf Dance' is another DJ-friendly funky Hip-Hop track that mixes traditional Georgian vocal flavours with Fulgeance’s fat beats.

On the album, you can expect more fire from Fulgeance and DJ Scientists' beat arsenal as well as some dope features by the likes of Blu, Open Mike Eagle, Distant Starr and more! Stay tuned for ‘The Soviet Tape’!

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