2econd Class Citizen - Wyred Folk (12")

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2econd Class Citizen (Aaron Thomason) makes music that he simply calls "Wyred Folk": a hybrid of electronically produced folk combined with instrumental Hip Hop. Swinging between melancholy and pure anger, strong guitar riffs mined from old psych rock records and the weeping voices lifted from old folk music, 2econd Class Citizen has put together one of the most interesting instrumental excursions of recent times. Here are the accents and here is the feeling that Hip Hop may have lost.

Very last copies from label archive.

Tracklist & Listen:

A |
(01) Wishing Well mp3
(02) The Way I feel mp3
(03) Omnipresent mp3

B |
(04) Angelic Soul mp3
(05) A New World (07 Rework) mp3
(06) Wishing Well (Wyred Remix)

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