DJ Scientist / Mnemotrauma - Anything About Nothing / Waiting For The Sun (7")

The second vinyl release on Equinox continues the "Welcome to the Neo Golden Age" series. On Side A, DJ Scientist sets the pace with "Anything About Nothing" - a disturbing mix of hard hitting organic drums and desperately screaming psychedelica samples. On the flip, a hypnotically moaning voice accompanied by a hauling downtempo drumbeat forces its way into the listeners ears on "Waiting For The Sun". The intruder goes by the name of Mnemotrauma who may be known for his releases on the avant-garde Subversiv Records.

Limited Edition 500 copies on clear wax. Last copies from dead stock at distribution!

Tracklist & Listen:

A |
(01) DJ Scientist - Anything About Nothing mp3

B |
(02) Mnemotrauma - Waiting for the Sun mp3

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