2econd Class Citizen - A World Without (2LP)

Very last copies from archive! Brand new and unplayed! Sorry for the high price!

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Drawing from his palette of all things psychedelic, prog-rock, folk and traditional-song related, mixed with modern techniques of sampling and sequencing, 2econd Class Citizen aka Aaron Thomason creates music which transcends a multitude of genres to distil a wholly immersive experience. With "A World Without", his epic, debut full length, 2CC has out-done even himself in terms of the scale of production and ambition of the vast journey of song he has successfully encompassed, carrying the listener off into a brave new world rarely visited in this current musical age.

Vinyl: Limited Edition double vinyl with embossed sleeve and silver print. Comes with download code for all tracks.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) Step Inside mp3
(02) One By One (feat. Ceschi) mp3
(03) A New Day mp3

(04) Wait For Me mp3
(05) On Emptyness mp3

(06) Our Lady Of Solitude (feat. Reindeer) mp3
(07) The Day You’re Lost Or Found mp3
(08) Listen The Night (feat. Reindeer) mp3

(09) From Where I Belong mp3
(10) A World Without mp3

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Various Artists - One Year & A Day - The 5inch Files (Box Set)

Unplayed archive copy – handnumbered copy #5 of 250!

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"One Year & A Day - The 5inch Files" features ten awesome tracks on 5 different records that are available in a limited collector's box of 250 handnumbered copies.
10 tracks featuring Vangel, B-Ju, J. Baracuz, Aqua Luminus III., DJ Scientist, and many others.
Box includes 5 vinyl discs in the size of a CD.


(01) Vangel - Wake Up
(02) Misanthrop - Commercialism
(03) DJ Scientist feat. DJ Snatchatec. - Rewind & Refine
(04) Aqua Luminus III. - Uplock The Poprock
(05) Mnemotrauma - Shining
(06) J. Baracuz - Yellow Cab
(07) SmoKey131 - Got To Keep On Searchin’
(08) B-Ju - Soja Extra
(09) Aqua Luminus III. & Misanthrop - Sternhagelblau (5inch Edit)
(10) The Raincoated Man - Outro

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DJ Scientist - The One Man Band Instrumentals (LP)

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The instrumental version of Ceschi's epic "The One Man Band Broke Up" album, produced by DJ Scientist. Featuring contributions by Radical Face, 2econd Class Citizen and Ceschi.

Vinyl: Limited edition picture disc including free download code for the whole album!

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) The One Man Band Broke Up
(02) Half Mast mp3
(03) No New York mp3
(04) Hangman mp3
(05) Fallen Famous mp3

(06) Serious Business
(07) Bad Jokes
(08) Long Live The Short Lived mp3
(09) Swallowed Salt
(10) Julius' Final Song mp3
(11) Outro

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Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up (LP)

Last copies of the first pressing on white vinyl!

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Ceschi and DJ Scientist initially connected around 2005 over a mutual adoration of rare 60s/70s psychedelic, prog and folk rock as well as 90s hip hop. On their first record together, "The One Man Band Broke Up", both gentlemen evoke their influences creating a completely original sounding, melodic, dark and unabashedly progressive hip hop concept album. Based around the ever revisited topic of the rise and fall of a musician, in this case one named Julius and The Bearded Saviour, "The One Man Band Broke Up" is as much about Ceschi's own fear of failure as it is about personal experiences in a dog eat dog music industry. As Ceschi's voice moves from meticulous almost mathematical rhythms to aggressive nearly punk howling to scat like rhymes, Scientist layers epic montages of samples, dynamic drums, along with chopped live instruments to compliment the diversity of styles. Friends including Sole, Astronautalis, Radical Face (of Electric President), 2econd Class Citizen, Cars & Trains and Mic King also contribute instrumentation and vocals. The combined outcome is a post-modern hip hop project unlike anything else the two musicians have previously released.

White coloured vinyl. Also includes printed inner sleeves and lyrics sheet. Comes with download code for all tracks.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) The One Man Band Broke Up mp3
(02) Half Mast mp3
(03) No New York mp3
(04) Lament For Captain Julius mp3
(05) Fallen Famous mp3
(06) Bridge mp3
(07) Serious Business
(08) Hangman (feat. Shoshin, Mic King & David Ramos) mp3
(09) Bad Jokes mp3
(10) For My Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes mp3
(11) Long Live The Short Lived (feat. Sole) mp3
(12) Swallowed Salt
(13) Julius Final Song mp3

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Various Artists - One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2 (2LP)

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Equinox Records finally drops its second full length album, the second part of the sound exposure compilation series: "One Year & A Day – A Sound Exposure Vol.2". Label founder DJ Scientist assembled 14 outstanding tracks by some of today's most cutting-edge artists and producers. Spanning various genres and aesthetics, the compilation is as breathtaking in its breadth as it is in its execution. Illustrating the amalgam of sound Equinox is known for, the album is resulting in nothing if not one of the most distinct and forceful collections of songs within the past several years.

Double vinyl with gatefold sleeve and printed inserts. Original hand numbered first pressing. Limited edition 500 copies.

Tracklist & Listen:

(01) The Peddlers - A Year And A Day (Metamorphosis) (Intro) mp3
(02) Vangel – A Different Direction mp3
(03) Free The Robots – Times Like This mp3
(04) 2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well (Re-Wyred Remix) mp3
(05) Arcsin – Scarlet Fever mp3
(06) Brenmar – Cavernous mp3
(07) Deadpan Darling – Laugh Track mp3
(08) Aqua Luminus III. – Tibetisches Gutenachtlied mp3
(09) Deckard – Dignity Of Men mp3
(10) Geste - Octobre mp3
(11) DJ Sept - Morning Comes (Revised) mp3
(12) DJ Scientist - Didn’t We (Skit) mp3
(13) Emynd – Identity Through Alterity mp3
(14) 2econd Class Citizen – Change & Motion mp3

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