2econd Class Citizen - One By One EP (12")

Departing from the highly acclaimed "Wyred Folk" EP debut on Equinox, this new release by UK producer 2econd Class Citizen bridges the way to his forthcoming album "A World Without" and includes 6 great new tracks: 2 special EP mixes, a non-album tune and 3 exclusive remixes of “Step Inside”.

Tracklist & Listen:
(01) For This We’ll Find No End feat. Reindeer & James pHoney mp3
(02) Step Inside (Playpad Circus Remix) mp3
(03) The Day You’re Lost Or Found (EP Mix) mp3

(04) Step Inside (Bias Remix) mp3
(05) One By One feat. Ceschi (EP Mix) mp3
(06) Step Inside (Zoën Remix) mp3

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