Various Artists - Equinox presents - The 25th (Box Set)

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Equinox Records celebrates its 25th release with a limited edition box set. The box contains a 7inch with remixed of tracks by 2econd Class Citizen and Deadpan Darling (Ceschi & Blue Sky Black Death) as well as a 50-minute audio cassette (yes, a real tape!) featuring two incredible Equinox megamixes by Buddy Peace and Phonatic. Additionally, it includes a download card for bonus remixes and the previously unreleased 2007 tour video with unseen live footage by Ceschi, Noah23, The Dedicated Beatheads, 2econd Class Citizen and more.

More info right here:
Equinox presents: The 25th

Note: This version does not contain the USB stick, which was only available for the first copies.

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