Anthony Drawn - A Beautiful Fragile Balance (LP)

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Amazing vinyl debut by Anthony Drawn out of Mainz/Germany! Probably one of the best electronica/beat albums to come out this year. A very beautiful mixture of deep, futuristic and athmosperic sounds. Also featuring Teknical Development from Obba Supa as well as Joshua Keyes.

Includes download card and poster.

A Beautiful Fragile Balance LP Preview Snippet by Anthony Drawn

1. Fragile I
2. Far From Home
3. Stlen Moments
4. Ghost In The Shell (feat. Teknical Development )
5. Fragile II
6. A Beautiful Fragile Balance
7. Faded Streets
8. Giving You Up
9. Crate
10. Fragile III
11. Something Stronger
12. E.S.T.R.i.P. (with Joshua Keyes)
13. All That Surrounds You Will Fade

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